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Sunday Roast Pork and Apple Sauce

Hi All,

I thought I would make a yummy roast dinner.  I went to the butchers and had purchased a nice cut of belly pork and thought I would make this with some lovely apple sauce, with fresh apples from the garden! 180 more words

Roast Dinner

Pig – More Than Just An Animal

Pig is undoubtedly the greatest gift from God, apart from being a choice food source of the Chinese, no part of the animal is wasted. Would you believe an incredible 185 different uses to which it is put  –  from the manufacture of sweets and shampoo, to bread, body lotion, beer and bullets? 860 more words

Mambo's Cafe (Glendale, CA)

This past weekend, Eli and I were finally made it to Mambo’s Cafe. Eli saw it on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” with Guy Fieri–who doesn’t  247 more words

Lechon in Exile

The former Spanish colony of the Philippines is a colourful fiesta of exotic dishes of which the Lechon is the central attraction. It is a slow roasted whole pig over an open pit of charcoal for quite a few hours. 176 more words

Digging for Treasure (in the Rain)

It hasn’t stopped raining here today for more than 10 minutes at a time. We had hoped to spend the morning in the garden tidying up the veg patch, but we only managed an hour in the end. 213 more words

Money Saving

Braised Cavolo Nero (Black Tuscan Cabbage) and Crispy Skin Roast Pork

The heat is on in the superfood battle of the century. Quinoa, kale, blueberries, goji berries, more quinoa and even more kale. Curly kale, regular kale and one of my favourites – the black tuscan variety. 387 more words


Roast pork in Chinese way

Roast pork or 烧肉 in Chinese way. Credit to rasamalaysia website

My slightly short cut way
1) pork the pork belly skin with many many many holes and season with five spice powder 五香粉 overnight… 106 more words