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Tunisian Roasted Vegetable Salad

Once upon a time, I took a yoga class with a man I have referred to lovingly (or not so much) in a former post as “Handsy.” He was a spry little fellow, something like a cross between a Keebler elf and Justin Bieber before he was a trainwreck of a human being. … further reading …

Roasted Veggie Sandwich with White Bean Spread


There is no better way to describe this dish. The fresh roasted vegetables burst with a spicy tang, while the creamy white bean spread oozes into your mouth, hugged by two slices of cloud-like french bread.  380 more words


Looking for a tasty, quick breakfast?

What to eat. . . what to eat . . . hmmm . . . .

Yes, I ask this question too!

This morning I needed to get going quickly but I also needed a decent breakfast that would last me about 4 hours.   229 more words

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Summer Salads

After the craziness of Western States we escaped to the mountains in Colorado to rejuvinate.  Coming back all of the sudden summer is in full swing here in Flagstaff. 794 more words


Quinoa-Stuffed Zucchini (Courgette)

It never ceases to amaze me just how versatile vegan cooking can be. Not only that, but also how new flavour combinations prove to be game-changers in our everyday meal planning. 463 more words



I’m a very happy girl right now.. this salad was good for my soul. It was perfectly roasted, perfectly flavored, looked beautiful and made me very happy. 275 more words

This Week's Veggie Salad

I’m still spending each week mutating my new favorite meal. This week I have avocado, cherry tomatoes, and matchstick carrots dressed up in a balsamic vinaigrette alongside barbecue cajun black beans, quinoa and fresh corn, and roasted butternut squash, roasted red potatoes and caramelized white onion. 141 more words