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Are You Sharing Fake Christianity? ~ {Living #ALLIN}

Should it take us so long in our faith walk to get to the point we are making every decision based in God’s Word? I realize it does … that it’s common. 1,771 more words


Mere Matter

Our existence is not easy to comprehend. All matter is derived from atoms, we cannot see them, but without them we wouldn’t have a body. I believe there is such a place as London, I have never been there or seen it myself, but I know it exist. 228 more words

Diggie Vitt

Love and Life

I’m supposed to be writing a paper, one more paper for my class and I’m free, but I’m stuck thinking about love and life, and if I don’t get it out my paper will never get done. 436 more words


A quote from Rob Bell on this glorious Thursday.

“The peace we are offered is not a peace that is free from





depression, or


It is peace rooted in the trust that the life Jesus gives us is deeper, wider, stronger, and more enduring than whatever our current circumstances are, because all we see is  31 more words


What Love is This?

Original Opinion Piece for August 14 (’14)

“Love.”  What a loaded and nuanced concept that the world keeps getting wrong.  American culture and the slowly fading postmodern movement redefine love.  1,517 more words

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Worship Leader Michael Gungor On The Book Of Genesis: 'Genesis is a poem if I’ve ever seen one'

Originally posted on The Olive Branch Report

My Comments on this: This is so sad to see, yet another public figure in the Church decrying the Word of God. 1,073 more words