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Rapture-Palooza (2013)

As I clicked not interested on Netflix I noticed that Anna Kendrick was in the movie so I ended up pressing play instead just after. At the start it actaully looked like it might end up on my favorite movies of the year list but the anti-christ part ruined it. 180 more words


In a World...

A sweet, fluffy comedy about voice over actors. Not a great movie, but still fun and amusing.

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IN A WORLD (2013)

I like Lake Bell. What can I say? I pretty much fell in crush with her in How to Make it in America, HBO’s brilliant look at 20 somethings in New York. 209 more words


Finding Her Voice

In a World (2013, Lake Bell, dir.)

Lake Bell, Michaela Watkins

Some films are funny because they have good one-liners. Some are funny because the stars know how to find the laughs. 256 more words

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In a World...

I have a degree in broadcasting. I’ve worked as a DJ. I can leave a telemarketing voicemail that makes you question whether you want to erase it. 75 more words

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Movie review: In a World...

This weekend I had a chance to watch In a World…, a movie that I’m a little surprised had escaped my radar until now. It was released last year to a limited number of theaters and small fanfare, but ended up winning debut writer/director/producer (as well as lead actor) Lake Bell the award for best screenplay at Sundance. 693 more words

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oday I finally got around to watching a film that a friend recommended to me when I declared my love for Olivia Wilde to him. 346 more words

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