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STONED vs DRUNK vs SOBER: San Marcos

STONED vs DRUNK vs SOBER: San Marcos is happening tonight! 9:30 at Taxi’s. Trailer: http://youtu.be/oxdMHLs-emM

Slobs Video (animated)

Haven’t seen a video this spooky since my honeymoon! *puts on clown make up @slobsvids @lucasmolandes @johnbuseman http://youtu.be/HiP0ZH-1PUU

Shine Box Showcase

Bringing that top notch dick tip material to Shine Box Showcase 10:30 @TNM_Austin $5/FREE DRANKS *uncuts preferred


I’ll be sippin’ suds, makin’ buds and not rhyming on Gutbusters 7:30 @hopsandgrain (high quality brew, seriously)

Fucked Up Show and Tell

Fucked Up Show and Tell premiers tonight @TNM_Austin 10:30 It’s show and tell for fucking adults –> http://bit.ly/1qDSxDP

Pabst Blue Ribbon Comedy at Cap City

Velvet heroics and comedy dreamscapes tonight @CapCityComedy in association w @PabstBlueRibbon 8pm.

ATX Comedy Hour

Thick sticks shakin’, loose lips quakin’ @ATXComedyHour 10pm @spiderhouse Stand Up | Sketch | Musical Guests | Dranks