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“In some circles, admitting you love Top 40 radio is tantamount to bragging you gave your grandmother the clap, in church, in the front row at your aunt’s funeral, but those are the circles I avoid like plague or, for that matter, the clap.” ~ Rob Sheffield


Phil Dellio's 'Interrupting My Train of Thought'

Never mind that I’m more than a little biased on the subject of a new book by Phil Dellio—said book of which I helped edit and for which I built a WordPress promotional site to boot—but it would be remiss of me not to make at least a little bit of noise about it on this site. 103 more words

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'Petty,' 'Oblivious' & 'Monstrous!' ‘Rolling Stone’ Bashes Kardashian Family’s ‘Gargantuan Egos’ After ‘GQ’ Slams Kim

The hits just keep on coming for the Kardashian family! After GQ U.S. slammed Kim Kardashian, saying they didn’t necessarily agree with their British counterpart’s decision to name her Woman of the Year,  291 more words

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