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Douchebag Batman on Patrol- August 31, 2014

Full House Revival
In the biggest news of the week John Stamos and the creators of Full House are pushing Warner Brothers TV to reboot the series. 691 more words

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Notes From Das Boot 208

A few of us were talking a couple of days ago about weird/shitty tours we had been on and Monster Magnets tour with Rob Zombie in ’98 came up. 258 more words

Crowdfunding – is it the Way to Go?

Remember that dude who thought it would be a stellar idea to crowd fund his potato salad recipe? Ha! Totally funny. But really, it wasn’t so funny considering there are a lot of people in the film-making world who need that cash to make babes bloody and monsters creepy. 411 more words

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Captain Spaulding Birthday Cake - July 2014

So, my sister called me one day saying she wanted to get a cake made for one of her good friend’s birthday! I asked what his interests were and she told me that he loves the movie, “The Devil’s Rejects” so since Captain Spaulding is a key point character, not to mention creepy/wild looking we went with him as the focal point of the cake. 182 more words

Forget Me Not!

by Joe Buonfiglio

I will eventually die.  And I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but so will you.  For some reason, being kicked off the mortal coil against our will is the best plan “Mister Intelligent Design” could come up with.  1,029 more words

Joe Buonfiglio

The Next Rob Zombie Film 31

As Rob Zombie fans, we are in luck. He is working on a new movie, the title is 31.  He is not giving out to many details about the story or content of the film, but stated that the film would along the lines of  a  190 more words


'Halloween III' supposedly in the works... Why I ask?

Posted by: Anthony Wallace

It was October 25, 1978 when director John Carpenter debuted ‘Halloween‘ that would go on to become a cult classic in the annals of horror. 489 more words

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