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They say that as you get older, you don’t change so much as distill. A lot of the people I knew in high school just bore me these days. 987 more words

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Zombies are alive and pretty damn well!

 Originaly posted July 4th 2014

What’s up horror freaks metalheads! \m/iki Dom here to talk to you about an artist that i really really love! I think this guy is a pure genius… Great songwritter, great singer, awesome movie director… i’m of course talking about the great Robert Bartleh Cummings also known as Rob Zombie…  This guy has been around for quite a while now he started as lead singer of the band White Zombie back in the mid 80′s… they had many big hits and sold millions of albums because they sounded different than everybody… they were one of the first bands to incorporate electronic beats to heavy metal guitars which led to awesome results… In 1997 White Zombie went on a hiatus that is still going on today and in 1998 Rob released his first solo album titled Hellbilly Deluxe, which in my opinion is a masterpiece! 538 more words


Dream job is horrifyingly good!

Leigh Whannell

I have to be careful here so I don’t come off as a scary, psycho stalker fan but I love this guy. Let me explain. 361 more words


Rob Zombie's new record is near completion

According to Rob Zombie his next record may be out early next year. In a recent interview with the San Jose Mercury News, Zombie said of the album: 49 more words


How Rob Zombie Ruined Concerts For Me

Sometime between 2006 and 2007, I attended a Rob Zombie concert in Kansas City, Kansas.  It was a smaller venue, with a dirt ring around the stage, the name is long gone.   444 more words

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Readers... It's Weird to Have Fans

It doesn’t take long for someone to figure out that I am just a little bit odd. My SO likes to use the term “a bit different.” I think eccentricities are required for creative people. 125 more words

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Returning to Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween 2’ was a Mistake (Review)

Editor’s note: This review originally appeared on Fangoria.com prior to a mass site overhaul that saw two years’ worth of work completely wiped away from the inner crevices of the net. 715 more words