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Halloween (2007)

I’ve wanted to document my foray into my favorite genre for awhile now. Initially I had the intention of trying to stay away from the really easy picks, but I could barely keep myself from watching Halloween in these last few days. 220 more words


Halloween: The Curse of Michael Meyers

After watching Halloween: Curse of Michael Meyers someone needs to sit me down and explain why exactly everyone thinks Rob Zombie took a dump on the Halloween legacy. 975 more words


Halloween 2014 Day 1: Horror Directors with their best work ahead of them

Ti West

This should almost go without saying, but Ti West is one of the strongest names in American Independent Horror currently working. While his 2007 work… 859 more words


how many felas does it take to change the world? #ClimateAction

This past week was Climate marches and summits and speeches and the theory of anthropocene, calls us to change our behaviors to minimize our destruction of the commons. 914 more words


Aftershock 2014 Hits Discovery Park once again

Aaron Smirl, writer
Shiftsync Media

The Aftershock Music Festival took place for its third year in a row at Discovery Park in Sacramento. Over thirty thousand fans showed up  to see their favorite bands preform. 801 more words


Biff Bam Pop Unboxes Halloween: The Complete Collection

This week sees the release of the massive 15-disc Halloween: The Complete Collection Blu-ray set, compiling every film in the franchise, including the Rob Zombie remakes. 41 more words