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Scattered Notes II: Robert Bly’s Iron John Part 1 (A Dialogue with my Grandfather Part i and ii)

“I am not I…”
Juan Ramon Jimenez

A Dialogue with my Grandfather Part i
… an allusive text… allegory and a stretched truth.
the admittance of limitation. 94 more words

Mentoring, men and the Band of Brothers

Reminders of Robert Bly (Iron John) and Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette (The King Within)

“Mentoring is what young men crave without realising it”

A Band of Brothers shows disenfranchised youths a way to become better men – and make a better life for themselves and their families… 7 more words


Something Wonderful

I found a note to myself with the name of this poem on a scrap of paper and
was entranced when I found it:

A Walk… 93 more words

The Intricacies and Extravagances of Living with the Wild Man

“Some say, ‘Well, let’s just be human, and not talk about masculine and feminine at all.’ People who say that imagine they are occupying the moral high ground. 826 more words

Original Art, Short Fiction Writing, Cartoons, Humor, Entertainment

Just another myth, or the mother of all stories?

I’m reading a book called Iron John by Robert Bly.  It’s about masculinity, real men, and becoming a man.  The author tells stories, old mythical stories, and says that stories from ancient people tell us about the hardships, choices, and maturity of growing into a man. 398 more words

Talking into the Ear of a Donkey : Poems

“ is . . . the most recent in a line of great American transcendentalist writers.”—The New York Times

With poems ranging from the ghazal form to free verse, … 223 more words

Poetry: Robert Bly, In the Month of May

In the Month of May
Robert Bly


In the month of May when all leaves open,

I see when I walk how well all things… 120 more words