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Great poetry always has something of the grandiose in it. It’s as if American poets are now so distrustful of the grandiose and so afraid to be thought grandiose that they cannot even imagine great poetry.

Robert Bly


Prolegomena on Haiku

a haiku is an explosion. it isn’t a form. the form and structure restrain and constrain the expression, but without that burst of sound, it rings hollow. 330 more words


 A weaver by trade but a poet-singer by calling, Kabir lived in fifteenth century India. His philosophy incorporated various beliefs of both Muslims and Hindus and later became one of the major influences behind Sikhism. 253 more words

"I Am Not I" / Jiménez

I Am Not I

I am not I.
I am this one
walking beside me whom I do not see,
whom at times I manage to visit, 536 more words

PIPITS Still Not At All Long Poems

Robert Bly's "Dragon Smoke" rising from Cleveland Heights

This is a clarion call to let you know about Holly Jensen, a working poet. Her current piece is “Selected Timelines.” More here, and… 160 more words

Jim Coe

against the fucking emptiness I'm seeking my dark side

Quando sembra che nulla valga la pena, e si viene travolti da un senso di inutilità personale che mette in discussione la nostra permanenza, forse proprio quel senso di vuoto ingestibile ci fa trovare qualcosa, senso, percorso, appiglio, di cosa si tratti non importa, è salvezza. 704 more words

furniture philosophy

quality over quantity

zen buddhism

socrates, virtue, and contemplation

a haiku is an explosion – Robert Bly