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No One Gives a Shit About You. AND IT'S AWESOME

I’ve been in recovery for 16 years and it never gets any easier.

My parents really thought they were doing the right thing when they enrolled me in the program, but nobody realized the effect that it would have on me for years. 842 more words


Five Books You Should Read Before You Turn 30

Little differences over a long lifetime create big disparities. This is the nature of compounding. If you make decisions only a little better than your cohort that should translate into a big difference over a lifetime. 434 more words


Book Summary - Influence by Robert Cialdani

Influence by Robert Cialdini is widely considered to be a classic on the subject of human psychology. Released in 1984, the book has sold over two million copies worldwide. 604 more words


Next time someone gives you a gift, think twice! Here's why

You may remember Sheldon’s reaction from The Big Bang Theory when somebody gives him a gift or when he is asked to give someone else a gift. 747 more words


The power of commitment and consistency

As the political midterm election campaigning season draws to a climax, it is fascinating to see the ways in which these campaigns utilize persuasion to gain influence. 1,524 more words

An Introduction - Persuasion

Technology has brought rapid change to the ways in which CPG companies manage relationships with their customers (retailers) and their consumers (shoppers). However, even as manufacturers gain deeper and deeper understanding of the consumer, one basic tenet of the CPG world remains the same: it all comes down to influencing others. 772 more words

Cialdini's Influence & Me - Social Proof

I often find myself at a place or in a situation where I am uncertain of what to do. A new-age water faucet that I can’t get to start working, a fancy dish in a restaurant that I am not sure how to start eating etc. 1,294 more words