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Error is architecture

Error is architecture. Imagine five hundred ants are exploring a space. Number four hundred and eleven finds the sugar completely by accident. Except it’s not an accident because the ant has left a scent train.There are five other hundred ants, so surely one other will come along and make the same mistake.

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Robert Cialdini's Influence & me - Reciprocation

I am usually wary when a book recommendation comes to me from multiple people within a short frame of time. I attribute it to hype or marketing or some such factor. 735 more words

Pluralistic ignorance

In the process of examining the reactions of other people to resolve our uncertainty, however, we are likely to overlook a subtle but important fact. Those people are probably examining the social evidence, too.

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Scottish Independence & Cialdini's 'Six Principles of Influence'

The Act of Union, 1707, still nailed in my head from school history. Three centuries on, could we be about to tear it up? My personal choice would be to stay together, but just think about the party celebrations if Scotland votes ‘Yes’, it’d be a right old knees-up that would go on for weeks. 2,237 more words

My View Is...

Science of Persuasion by Influence at Work

Dear Lea Guangko

Published on Nov 26, 2012

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Applying Science To The Real World