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An Introduction - Persuasion

Technology has brought rapid change to the ways in which CPG companies manage relationships with their customers (retailers) and their consumers (shoppers). However, even as manufacturers gain deeper and deeper understanding of the consumer, one basic tenet of the CPG world remains the same: it all comes down to influencing others. 772 more words


Cialdini's Influence & Me - Social Proof

I often find myself at a place or in a situation where I am uncertain of what to do. A new-age water faucet that I can’t get to start working, a fancy dish in a restaurant that I am not sure how to start eating etc. 1,294 more words

Robert Cialdini’s Influence & me – Commitment & Consistency

In the supermarket, near the detergent aisle there is a pretty girl standing next to a table with a new detergent, she doesn’t bother talking to me but every time she sees a parent she is on to them like a flash. 841 more words

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

What are the factors that cause one person to say yes to another person?  And which techniques most effectively use these factors to bring about such compliance?  335 more words


Robert Cialdini's Influence & me - Reciprocation

I am usually wary when a book recommendation comes to me from multiple people within a short frame of time. I attribute it to hype or marketing or some such factor. 735 more words

Scottish Independence & Cialdini's 'Six Principles of Influence'

The Act of Union, 1707, still nailed in my head from school history. Three centuries on, could we be about to tear it up? My personal choice would be to stay together, but just think about the party celebrations if Scotland votes ‘Yes’, it’d be a right old knees-up that would go on for weeks. 2,237 more words

My View Is...

Science of Persuasion by Influence at Work

Dear Lea Guangko

Published on Nov 26, 2012

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Applying Science To The Real World