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Hide and Seek Review

Please note that this review is of the edited TV 14 version of the film. All of the writing below should only be addressed to this particular version as the uncut one would likely get an even lower score or the review would just be more negative. 1,717 more words

Live Action Movies


Hello, fellow fans of VHS wonder!

Last week, we got our science on with a look back at Disney’s Flubber, a film that, in retrospect, got plenty of help from Generation VHS great Robin Williams. 2,277 more words

Review: Red Lights

With three excellent actors seemingly bringing their A-game, the only trinity found while watching Red Lights is a confusing, messy and poorly written tedium.

A team of paranormal investigators who study mediums to debunk them as frauds take on a renowned psychic who appears to channel real supernatural powers. 326 more words


Heat (1995) - Review

Heat for 90s audiences was what The Philadelphia Story was for 40s audiences; a film that saw a respected genre’s most famed stars at least uniting. 81 more words

Top 100 Favourites

10 Evocative Southern Gothic Films

Southern Gothic cinema owes a lot to the great Tennessee Williams, whose stunning stage plays became evocative films. Works like A Streetcar Named Desire and… 1,324 more words


Review: Limitless

A modern, flashy and fast paced thriller, yet the words “entertainment” and “fantasy” aren’t enough to shake a skewed moral compass…

Eddie is a layabout and a failing writer, and upon losing his supportive girlfriend he turns to a mysterious pill which unlocks his mind’s full potential (and turns him into Sherlock Holmes, almost literally). 267 more words