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Fangirl Friday: The Amazing Spiderman 2, Crimson Peeking and #RDJ

BohemianNerdGirl gives her opinion on The Amazing Spiderman 2, discusses the news on leaked photos of Tom Hiddleston’s new film and Robert Downey Jr being a legend on Twitter.

Sorry I look bad.

This is how you demonstrate stupidity.

Ahh Spring. When the fog returns like unwelcome in laws for the entire summer to the Excelsior. But let’s not dwell on our impending windy, foggy, wet summer. 230 more words

Robert Downey Jr

Quick (45 minute) acrylic painting of Robert Downey Jr


Why Hollywood won't forgive "The Passion of the Christ"

By Tom Quiner

Hollywood has forgiven many flawed men.

Roman Polanksi, who had sex with a minor, comes immediately to mind.

Woody Allen, who is credibly accused of molesting his child, saw his film win an Academy Award this year. 556 more words


Chef Trailer

It was only a matter of time before someone came along with a comedy drama about an aspiring chef trying to make it big. Thank God it was Jon Favreau who took the reigns on this film which won’t win any awards, but will probably win at the box office.  39 more words