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Robert Downey Jr. wants to go shopping for soon to be born daughter

Celebrity News wouldn’t get any better if we’re now gossiping even with a celebrities soon to be born daughter.

Robert Downey Jr. seemed to have gotten too excited to her unborn baby girl that he wants to throw a “blizzard shopping” as he have said. 137 more words

Celebrity News

Things just got REAL!!!!

As I previously mentioned in a recent post, The Legacy if the Key is a finalist in two categories for the Reader’s Favorite award contest. 289 more words


20140730 Chef Man

Chef man 是讀小學一年級時,因受著「policeman」及「fireman」的影響,而經常串錯的英文字詞。直到前幾天,看了鐵甲奇俠首集的導演 Jon Favreau的小品Chef (中文譯名: 滋味旅程) 的宣傳片,我腦海重新閃出Chef Man這個字詞。

入場看這部電影,如果你不看宣傳片,你大抵是為著鐵甲奇俠 Robert Downey Jr. 同黑寡婦 Scarlett Johansson的客串而來。但導演 Jon Favreau 今集才是自導自演的主角,自演,不是嗎? 對呀,如果你有看過鐵甲奇俠3,你也許會記得那個名叫Happy的保鑣,生動鬼馬搞笑與可愛,其實就是導演 Jon Favreau。

中文譯名為滋味旅程,改得非常好,懷疑是做購名語片的好友Derek 親自執筆改的,水準甚高。這趟旅程是講述星級餐廳大廚Carl Casper (Jon Favreau 飾演),廚藝雖然備受賞識,卻因為應老細的要求,日日照辦煮碗做出餐廳的名菜,加上自己的創意卻遭餐廳老闆盲目扼殺,更在社交網絡上得罪了出名的食評家,令自己失去飯碗。而這位落難大廚遇上分岔口,在迷失的途上終於頓悟人生道理,決定重新上路,重拾生活的滋味,做回一個「man」的Chef,卻教人為生命流兩滴眼淚。 6 more words


Develop Your Hustle

“Nobody’s hustle is like anyone else’s” – Robert Downey, Jr.

I’ve been very open about how much of a fan I am of Robert Downey, Jr. 267 more words


Celebrities and Fashion Take Over Comic-Con 2014

Is it just me or has it gotten overly apparent that celebrities frequent the Con more than normal (yes, I gave away a months worth of pay to be here). 247 more words


The Avengers are Marvel/Disney’s billion dollar machine, but can they keep it together?  Contracts are almost up and not everyone may be on board to continue Marvels magic.   986 more words

Zodiac (2007)

David Fincher has made a career of films that tackle bizarre subject matter. His breakthrough film, Se7en, still stands as one of the best crime thrillers of the late 90’s. 450 more words