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Weekly Roundup - 09 Jan 15

What is up with John Travolta looking weird? Now even his beard looks like it was drawn on with sharpie.

Its not just Justin Bieber who has been trotting round in his undies this week. 127 more words


Celebrities love the peroxide rebellion

So what exactly is the peroxide rebellion? Well, you know when a guy is trying to be rebellious and out there, or trying to make a change in their life but the biggest thing they can do is dye their hair? 340 more words


New Year Resolutions?!

There’s something about the turning of a new year that I love, I like that there’s a whole year fresh ahead of me, ready to be written. 205 more words


C’est moi la galette, la galette, la galette

Hier soir j’étais chez les crêpistes pour goûter leur galette des rois. Evidemment c’était un pur délice de beurre. Comme à chaque fois que je vais chez eux, je suis contente. 138 more words

Well hi there, 2015...

Being in New Zealand, I’m excited to say we will be among the first people to welcome in the New Year in approximately three hours! 305 more words

RPG Movie Commentary: Iron Man 2

It’s time for yet another movie commentary with Iron Man 2! Now this movie get’s a lot of flack from fans but Mr.Dragon and Iggy try to see if this movie is as bad as people say. 24 more words

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