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Burlington Bertie

We are slowly getting on with the animation of our short film based on “the Music hall”. “Burlington Bertie” is one of two films, both of which feature a song by the first world war composer William Hargreaves in arrangements by David Watson of Kanon. 933 more words

Iron Man Son Caught With Drugs, "It's In The Genes" - Really?!

The week Robert Downey jrs son, Indio, was arrested for drugs possession. Soon after the arrest daddy bailed him out for over $10,000 and sent him straight to a rehab facility costing a wapping $40,000 pulse per month. 343 more words

3 Must-See Shane Black Films

If an action movie has Shane Black’s name on it, I’m likely to go and see it. He mixes fun and thrilling action with sarcasm and wit that has me both rolling on the floor with laughter and gripping at my seat. 522 more words

Music Monday: Robert Downey Jr and Sting, Driven to Tears

I think we’re due for some epic RDJ.. and of course Sting.. awesome as ever…

All these years I thought the song was called Driverdutchia. Don’t ask.

Music Monday

Humpday Hunk: RDJ, Hollywood Hunk(b)rat


Robert Downey Jr

Hollywood bad boy, Robert Downey Jr has been melting hearts and melting down since the 80s…

He has a shady past and a reputation for being a brat, but just quietly that’s half his appeal, isn’t it? 233 more words

London. Part 1.

I know it’s the capital city of my country but, until now, I’d only ever been there once (on a school trip). On Saturday I went back. 345 more words