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Jordancon 2014 Report

Okay, confession time. I’ve never read a Robert Jordan book.

Nonetheless, when some of my critique group invited me to the annual convention for all things fantasy, sci-fi, and… 886 more words

You know nothing Jon Snow

Probably because he has not read the books.

*Activating smug mode*

I have. After all I was this cool before it was cool to be uncool. 222 more words


The Ordinary World

I’m pondering my own ordinary world to better grasp the hero’s journey.

I’m just a writer, trying to undo the 9-to-5 rhythms that tethered my body and mind to desk and duty for years. 811 more words


JordanCon VI 2014 wrapup

This past weekend I attended JordanCon for the first time. Talk about an interesting experience. Right now I should come clean about something, I’m not a fan of the series. 825 more words


J is for...

J is for just a little bit:

Jordan, Robert
Judson, Theodore

Pretty light again, huh? And another series that I only have bits and pieces of. 278 more words

The Details Count

There is a reason that fantasy books are generally the among the largest on the shelf. When so much of the world is changed, but enough has to stay the same to make the reader relate, the more the better applies. 359 more words

Analyzation Index

Wheel of Time, Anglo-Saxon Mythology and the Tuatha De Danann

One of the most fundamental aspects of fantasy fiction is of course world-building, but I think it’s important to understand two things about the genre: 459 more words