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The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan

The Dragon Reborn is book three of the Wheel of Time series. In book three, Rand appears only briefly as the book follows Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve’s storyline as Aes Sedai, interspersed with chapters from Perrin’s and Mat’s point of views. 92 more words


The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan

The first half of The Great Hunt (book two of the Wheel of Time) series, suffers from the same tedium as The Eye of the World… 187 more words


The Wheel of Time

Mi dicono spesso che se studiassi i libri universitari nello stesso modo in cui divoro gli altri, probabilmente sarei già laureata – e con anni di anticipo. 324 more words

La Ruota Del Tempo

Trollocs Nominated for Cosplay at 2014 Geekie Awards

The Trollocs are coming!

Well… not really.

None of the Trollocs can afford the airfare to Hollywood for the 2014 Geekie Awards show…BUT we will be there in spirit! 517 more words


New copies of Old Favourites!

  No need to work through dog-eared copies of your favourite Jordan, Eddings, Cornwell, Feist, Wong and Gemmell novels. We have brand new copies that are begging to be read!

Bernard Cornwell

"By force of will ... by nature of entitlement."

“By force of will … by nature of entitlement.”  from ‘The Way of Kings’ by Brian Sanderson

I’ve gone back to listening to audio books during my commute again.   621 more words


Treesofreverie Read-a-Thon Day 6

Today’s Prompts: - read a book you’ve had lying around unfinished
– pick a colour and choose a book with that colour on it’s cover… 82 more words