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At one point on my recent trip to Yorkshire I entered into a public conversation with our new and good friend, artist/poet Laureate of Birmingham Brian Lewis. 765 more words


Jacob declares I "blame" Cirque du Soleil for my own "misapprehension"

Jacob was cutting a syrup-drenched pancake. Slice, change hands, fork into mouth. Then again. I could hear the slurping sound of the syrup. Jacob called this “type-two-treatment.” 640 more words


Backstage at Totem, Cirque performers explain their magic

Circus people. We’ve all seen the movie. There’s the bearded lady and the lion tamer, the creepy clowns and the lovely trapeze artist. Insulated from everything but their own reality, their backstage lives are one continuous melodrama. 828 more words


Theatre review: Dazzling, puzzling Totem brings Cirque-style evolution to life

A glittery humanoid creature covered in crystals slowly descends from the sky on a wire, gracefully contorting its body into the shape of an O. Silver lamé Spiderman? 796 more words


Triptyque (2014): Başarılı Bir Üçleme

Robert Lepage sinemadan çok tiyatro çalışmalarıyla tanınan ve asıl iddiasının tiyatro alanında olduğunu söyleyen ancak tiyatroda yarım kalanların sinemanın imkânlarıyla doldurulduğunu, bu nedenle sinemaya da ilgi duyduğunu ifade eden bir yönetmen. 623 more words

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