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“. . . nobody's here—only skunks, that search in the moonlight for a bite to eat. . .” (Robert Lowell)

In rhetorical parlance
(that is, English teachers talking to each other—the jargon of the Professional Organization of English Majors—POEM—who sponsor Garrison Keillor’s “Prairie Home Companion” on NPR), 1,285 more words


The Brilliant Work and Difficult Life of John BerrymanPart One

This article appeared in the Mosaic section of Ceylon Today on Sunday August 10


The school of “Confessional Poetry” was associated with several writers who redefined American poetry in the ’50s and ’60s. 1,296 more words


Back To School #1: I Accuse My Parents (dir by Sam Newfield)

Do you know what time of year it is!?  Well, yes — it is August and soon it will be September.  But even more importantly, it’s back to school time!   681 more words


[we're all mad here] on the other side of now

It’s August 2014, and as I write, for the first time in my life my mental illnesses are countable as being in remission.

I’ve more or less abandoned this blog of late. 617 more words


The eyes follow you no matter where you are

My mother’s favorite painting in the Toledo Museum of Art is of Mordecai Myers, painted by John Wesley Jarvis in 1814. She has always been fascinated by the man in this painting, always wondering who he was. 502 more words


Robert Lowell and the Rebellion into Confession

I offer this introduction to one of my favorite poets as a way of beginning the exploration into what American Poetry is and has become since the turn of the century (1900). 1,214 more words


Poem Of The Day: Saturday, July 12. Robert Lowell.

For The Union Dead

Robert Lowell

Relinquunt omnia servare rem publicam.

The old South Boston Aquarium stands
in a Sahara of snow now. Its broken windows are boarded. 409 more words

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