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Home After Five Months Away

Georgia’s idea of home


My title is taken from Robert Lowell’s poem, Home After Three Months Away in which he observes his toddler daughter and himself after his stay in a psychiatric hospital. 658 more words


Tuesday Poetry: Lowell's "Home After Three Months Away"

“Home After Three Months Away”

Gone now the baby’s nurse,
a lioness who ruled the roost
and made the Mother cry.
She used to tie
gobbets of porkrind in bowknots of gauze--
three months they hung like soggy toast
on our eight foot magnolia tree,
and helped the English sparrows
weather a Boston winter. 174 more words

Happy Birthday Sylvia Plath

Today is the 82nd birthday of Sylvia Plath.  I have a handful of favorite poems that became my favorites because they perfectly encapsulated a feeling I was experiencing at the time in my life when I first read them.  754 more words


"To Speak of Woe That is in Marriage" 1959 Robert Lowell

“Oh the monotonous meanness of his lust”

“Each night now I tie/ ten dollars and his car key to my thigh…./ Gored by his climacteric of his want./ he stalls above me like an elephant”


James Dickey and Me


Like hundreds of other po-dunk wannabe poets, I took James Dickey’s verse seminar course when he was poet-in-residence at the University of South Carolina. That semester — the Fall of ’76 – ended up being a significant one for Dickey, who in the course of its 15 weeks became a widower and a bridegroom. 1,588 more words


Poem: For the Union Dead by Robert Lowell

Relinquunt Ommia Servare Rem Publicam.

The old South Boston Aquarium stands
in a Sahara of snow now. Its broken windows are boarded.
The bronze weathervane cod has lost half its scales. 408 more words


Confessions : 10

01. It has been many winters since my last confession.

02. Yesterday, I jogged three miles west of the village.

03. In the rain. And wind. 85 more words

Field Notes