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Rabyd Philosophy – Engaging Classical Liberalism – Natural Rights School

Continuing on through this video series on Classical Liberalism which is actually one of the major schools of though in Libertarianism. Now we hit the Natural Rights School. 484 more words


Robert Nozick's - The Tale of the Slave

“The Tale of the Slave”

From Robert Nozick’s, Anarchy, State, and Utopia

Consider the following sequence of cases, which we shall call the Tale of the Slave, and imagine it is about you. 583 more words

Political Philosophy

The Libertarian Argument. This is just the introduction to my analysis which is forthcoming. Stay tuned.

“Why may not one violate persons for the greater social good? Individually we each sometimes choose to undergo some pain or sacrifice for a greater benefit or to avoid a greater harm: we go to the dentist to avoid worse suffering; we do some unpleasant work for the results; some persons diet to improve their health or looks; some save money to support themselves when they are older. 2,502 more words

Nozick And The Communities Smorgasbord

Many years ago I had this idea for government that I thought was too zany for anyone else to ever entertain.  But lo and behold!–  Nozick has hit upon the same basic notion…  what I call, … 662 more words

Law & Government

Robert Nozick, Preventative Restraint, & The Minimal State

Nozick believes in the idea of a “Minimal State.”  It is something more than Anarchy, but less than the modern State.  Sounding like a Randian Objectivist, he contends that the best State should be “ 1,212 more words

Law & Government