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Nozick And The Communities Smorgasbord

Many years ago I had this idea for government that I thought was too zany for anyone else to ever entertain.  But lo and behold!–  Nozick has hit upon the same basic notion…  what I call, … 662 more words

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Robert Nozick, Preventative Restraint, & The Minimal State

Nozick believes in the idea of a “Minimal State.”  It is something more than Anarchy, but less than the modern State.  Sounding like a Randian Objectivist, he contends that the best State should be “ 1,212 more words

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Robert Nozick: The Anti-Rawls

Anarchy, State, And Utopia by Robert Nozick is a book of many questions… with very few answers.

Nozick spends a lot of time coming-up with extreme situations and outcomes which would seem to undercut liberal political ideas, especially those put-forth by legal philosopher, 1,398 more words

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Fight Me! What do you know anyway?

Please don’t, I’d rather not be physically wounded.

But what is this property we casually drop as “knowing”? I ask that you bare with me as I attempt to quickly summarize popular thoughts of knowledge, if you know them (Plato, Gettier, Nozick) or don’t care (well you’re mean) I’ll die a little but skip ahead to the bold marker, you’ll… 1,470 more words


Jon Elster and Robert Nozick on the economics of Karl Marx

Popper held that Marxism had been initially scientific: Karl Marx postulated a theory which was genuinely predictive.

When these predictions were not in fact borne out, the theory was saved from falsification by adding ad hoc hypotheses to explain away inconvenient facts. 98 more words

Rawls And Nozick