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Taxation is Theft: Part I

“When the State invades the right of the individual to the products of his labors it appropriates an authority which is contrary to the nature of things.” 

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Opinion Piece

Academics and their bias against the market

The expansion of jobs for graduates from the 1960s onwards increased the choices for well-educated people more disposed to the market of working outside the teaching profession. 527 more words

Market Efficiency

Why are there so few workers' co-ops?

If workers’ cooperatives are so efficient, why are there so few cooperatives? Workers’ cooperatives should be able to slowly undercut other firms on price because they do not have to pay a profit to the capitalists. 742 more words

Industrial Organisation

Libertarianism Again

While writing about libertarianism a few weeks ago, I came across a 2011 article at Slate by Stephen Metcalf called “The Liberty Scam”. Its subtitle is “Why even Robert Nozick, the philosophical father of libertarianism, gave up on the movement he inspired”. 683 more words


Robert Nozick and J.K. Rowling

Tyler Cowen summarised Robert Nozick’s Wilt Chamberlain example, thus: a bunch of poor kids pay to see Wilt Chamberlain play basketball. Wilt gets the money, the kids get to see the game. 582 more words

Rawls And Nozick

Robert Nozick's framework for utopias

Robert Nozick’s framework for utopias has the following features:

  • The main problem in any utopian project is people are different, and their preferences for an ideal community also differ;
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Classical Liberalism

Against Capitalism

I have long argued for socialism as an attitude, rather than socialism as a program.

The late political philosopher G.A. Cohen is one of the most important socialist philosophical voices of the last 30 years. 106 more words