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NFL Players That Retired Too Soon

Today, former Vikings and Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice retired. He was only 27 years old and cited concussions as the reason. This got me thinking of other players who retired early or simply in their prime. 241 more words


Friday I'm in Love

The street outside my window is quiet. The wailing sirens recede into the night. My eyes are tired; I may drift off to sleep…

familiar chords and a distinctive voice reach through the darkness: 71 more words

Beautiful Life

The Cure – Ten best underrated songs

By Jamie Carnie

Anyone who’s at all into The Cure will know what an amazing band they are, and what an amazing legacy they’ve left on the face of music culture over an almost 40-year career. 889 more words


What We Can Learn About Mental Health From The Cure’s Disintegration

Robert Smith gave us Disintegration twenty five years ago. It is a melancholy pop masterpiece. It’s certainly The Cure’s most enduring album, and a significant influence on modern music. 1,258 more words



For no particular reason, this song was on my mind when I woke up this morning. I hadn’t listened to it for many years, but it was my favourite of the songs on The Cure’s… 175 more words


Counting the Days......

I’m not a fan of birthdays – historically.     I’m sure my parents threw a party or two…….and I can remember dear friends in Waco throwing me a bash for my 30th birthday – which happened to be a major transition year for me.   251 more words

Head on the Door - The Cure (1985)

In my freshman year of college I encountered for the first time in person the occasional black clad pale faced boot wearing student. These people were often fashion or fine arts majors who ironically used their parents old Mercedes as a billboard to denounce consumerism. 510 more words

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