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Partisan (Gerrymandered) Re-Districting: Is the Florida Ruling a Game Changer?

A few days ago, a Florida Circuit judge ruled that Republican legislators had drawn state legislative district lines illegally, giving their party an unfair advantage in U.S. 696 more words



It seems that everyone is trying to divine insights into how Chief Justice John Roberts is shaping the United States Supreme Court’s legacy. On July 2,  771 more words

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How to Repurpose the First Amendment as Corporate Weapon

Originally—and up until fairly recently—the First Amendment was understood to be a shield protecting individual liberty. But the Roberts Court seems increasingly intent on turning the First Amendment into a weapon against the American people, not to mention basic fairness and common sense. 

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A Response to the “Hobby Lobby” Decision

In light of the Supreme Court’s recent “Hobby Lobby” decision, a passage from Rousseau’s On the Social Contract has seemed especially relevant.

“The strongest is never strong enough to be always the master, unless he transforms strength into right, and obedience into duty. 1,199 more words

The Supremes: Anything But

To say that I am totally taken aback by the Supreme Court and it’s utterly partisan decision in the Hobby Lobby case is an understatement. I either can’t find the proper word to describe my total disgust with their wanton destruction of our belief in the Supreme Court being the last vestiges of impartiality in our government, or with the utter disdain they hold the belief systems of the American people. 425 more words


The Supremes Swing to the Right

The Supreme Court handed down their last decisions dealing crippling blows to the reproductive rights of women and labor unions. Liberals are taking some small comfort in a blistering 35-page dissent by Justice Ginsburg’s but the reasoning of the losing minority of a Supreme Court decision matters only for a day or so and then it belongs to the legal scholars and history books. 1,230 more words

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SCOTUS Rules Against Workplace Contraceptive Coverage for Women: What About MALE ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION DRUGS?!

Because we know this ruling is not about religious freedom, it’s about suppression a Women’s RIGHT to make decisions about her BODY and whether she wants to have a… 99 more words

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