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The Best Baseball Player Born in Illinois: Al Spalding

Whenever trying to find the best baseball player born in a state with a huge city like Chicago in it, you’re going to have a lot of competition. 178 more words

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1999 HoME Election Results

We knew 1999 was going to be a crowded election, and it certainly was. There were no surprises like exhuming Roy Campanella or finally voting in Red Faber. 923 more words


The Greatest Class Ever?

Our 1999 ballot boasts four slam-dunk newcomers: George Brett, Carlton Fisk, Nolan Ryan, and Robin Yount. That’s an awfully deep ballot. Where is it among our greatest classes of newbies ever? 555 more words


Rob Dibble, I choose you!

It was 1992 or ’93, near as I can tell from looking at the career stats. We played an odd form of fantasy baseball using ‘strat-o-matic’ cards (published each year based upon the players stats from the previous year). 335 more words

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