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Robin (1991, 5 Issue Mini-Series) Why You Should Read it.

This series is written by Chuck Dixon and penciled by Tom Lyle. The story starts with the young intelligent detective Tim Drake the third Robin in the Batman series. 551 more words


Night of Owls

Subject to change but much further along in the finished stage. my first work with any of the Court of Owls,

The Evolution of an Illustration

I thought you all would find it interesting to see how the illustrations for Cheeper are coming along. I am currently spending the most time on finishing the illustrations, as well as some more in-depth final editing of the story. 431 more words



I’ve been working with this for 3 days… 2 days to define the sketch and 6-8 hours to finish it. Well, I think I like the result. 6 more words


69. camping gear

Next week we are going Camping. We don’t know where yet (suggestions very welcomed!) but we’ll be outside somewhere. We bit the bullet and ordered some family worthy gear from Amazon. 47 more words


68. surprise guest

I was surprised to find that Robin had opened the shower door and half climbed in when I opened my eyes and looked down. So I let her come in and splash about in her clothes and a very wet nappy.