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Joel Schumacher trata de redimirse con una serie de cómics

Sabemos todos que pasamos un mal momento con Batman y Robin y con lo que Schumacher le hizo alas películas del hombre murciélago. Tanto así que el incluso pidió disculpas y dijo que era porque la había hecho muy rápido y demás excusas. 79 more words


First Night Design | Stay, Little Cheerful Robin!

‘Stay, little cheerful Robin! stay,
And at my easement sing,
Though it should prove a farewell lay
And this our parting spring.

— William Wordsworth… 82 more words

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jQuery ignores if/then/else - what is wrong? [on hold]

i have a if/else situation and I dont know, what I am missing.

The Function is supposed to get the value from the selected answer(active) and show different IDs according to it. 146 more words


Collecting Carrie Kelley

With the astounding news that Carrie Kelley is possibly coming to Superman vs Batman I am re-posting this for your speculating pleasure!


Rancho San Rafael Park on an Autumn day

My sister, her boss, and myself walked around Rancho San Rafael Park at lunch time yesterday. A lot of the trees have turned already (few oaks holding out), but there were lots to see.


Robin tried hard to be a Christmas Card today!

He sat by the holly
(with no sign of snow!)
Just a little bit twearly
Gill McGrath©   [ for  original   Robin diary   press link]


Gareth Thomas play announced by National Theatre Wales

National Theatre Wales and Out of Joint have announced a new play based on the life of Gareth Thomas.

Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage tells the story of Thomas and his hometown of Bridgend, after the rugby star came out as gay five years ago. 193 more words

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