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Detective 121 - Commissioner Gordon gets demoted

A generic Batman and Robin cover for Detective 121 (March 1947).  I guess they didn’t think Commissioner Gordon was cover-worthy.

He does get to be the centre of the story in this issue, drawn by Howard Sherman.  105 more words

Detective 120 - Caging the Penguin

The cover to Detective 120 (Feb. 47) is the best thing about, but the Batman and Robin story inside is still pretty good.

The Penguin winds up taking a job as an assistant to Professor Boyd, a noted ornithologist, for access to his birds.  53 more words

Detective 118 - The Joker plays cards, Air Wave battles aliens, and Brooklyn becomes the Invisible Commando

A better cover, and a better Joker story than the one a couple issues earlier, Detective 118 (Dec. 46) does feature Howard Sherman art on the Batman and Robin story. 271 more words

Robin Thicke Introduces His Teenage Girlfriend To His Son


Things must be getting serious between Robin Thicke and his very young girlfriend, because she was recently spotted hanging with Robin and his son. 72 more words

Word On The Streetz

Detective 117 - Batman helps a builder, and the Boy Commandos battle an invisible man

The Batman and Robin story in Detective 117 (Nov. 46) has to do with steeplejacks, which mean people who build the metal frames of high rises.  252 more words

Detective 116 - Batman meets Robin Hood

Professor Carter Nichols had been a regular guest in the Batman comic for years, but Detective 116 (Oct 46) marks his first appearance in this book. 157 more words