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Simi Valley Deserves Better

Yes Simi Valley deserves better.  Better than Steve Sojka?  City Councilman Steve Sojka’s decisions in the last 12 months are more than interesting and the unfortunate public has been bamboozled by a strong astroturfing campaign by Sojka supporters that he deserves a second chance and that he is being picked on unfairly. 282 more words

Glen Becerra

Simi Valley City Councilman Steve Sojka’s Bullying Defiance Remains In The Face of Huge Court Loss.

The Simi Valley Acorn reported that the attorneys representing the defense are seeking more than $100,000.00 in legal fees.  Under the Anti-SLAPP law the defense is entitled to recovery of it’s legal costs.  663 more words

Glen Becerra

Kolarek Vs Justice PAC - A Painful Anti-SLAPP Lesson

Plaintiff learns the hard way that when you inject yourself in to an issue of public interest and then try to claim defamation on an issue of public interest, the California Anti-SLAPP provision will prevail and protect public discussion and opinions on your project. 6,290 more words

Glen Becerra

Simi Valley Robocall a losing proposition

Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame – Benjamin Franklin

These words were never more true than today. Simi Valley City Councilman Glen Becerra and Councilman Steve Sojka are very angry men and their anger has seriously backfired on them. 600 more words

Glen Becerra