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4 Films Unnecessarily Adapted for TV

So, there’s been talk recently of a Minority Report TV series, and it looks like it’s moving ahead at full steam. While I’m highly skeptical that the show can succeed (it’s almost like someone forgot to tell the producers this is supposed to be a horrible dystopia), it would hardly be the first film needlessly adapted to fit television. 1,772 more words

Sci-fi TV Series

Riddick (2013)

is a fascinating proposition. Pitch Black was an original film (unusual in itself these days) that came out of nowhere to great success, at least on home video, where word-of-mouth managed to gain the film a second-wind financially, meriting an eventual sequel. 744 more words


Clara Murphy

Detective Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) is the cop who had it all, a loving wife, a beautiful son, and a job, even though dangerous, he enjoyed doing. 472 more words

Women Who Wow Wednesday

Robocop . . . . . or not!

Growing up in the 90’s was great, although I am so envious of kids today.  90’s kids had Sega gaming systems, today’s kids have PlayStation. 90’s kids had the Spice Girls; today’s kids have Miley Cyrus….ok, I think they got the worst end of the stick in that one! 383 more words

Trouble Loves Robocop: Bullets, Breaking Glass & Falling

Because the internet would not be complete without a video containing all of the breaking glass, extended death scenes, explosions and epic falls in the original Paul Verhoeven masterpiece Robocop, starring the inimitable Peter Weller. 31 more words

Jessica Lakis

Robocop Review

Twenty minutes into yet another remake as twenty-tens Hollywood seems to be running out of ideas quicker than Simon Cowell’s Xfactor, “OH THANK GOD CHERYL’S BACK”, can’t wait for her reaction when Louis sensationally leaves then returns two weeks later. 563 more words