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UV character Project

For this project I had to UV map and texture a character. I chose to use my robot character I had modeled and rigged over the summer for this. 117 more words


News with Japan Robot : World's first robotic broadcasters can read reports without stumbling

In a dystopian future, the rise of our robot overlords may be far stealthier than you might expect. Far from being Terminator-like machines, these robots cou… 20 more words

There's a robot on the line

Utilities are building a better way to inspect power lines

The inspection of high-voltage transmission lines and support towers is a tough job.

If you were flying in a helicopter going 60 miles an hour along the corridor, how many details would you notice? 836 more words



Ok So like waaay back when in time, people was all like ” Nightmares, magic and shit are uhm…the devil…and fairies.”  I think people lost the uh…I wrote about all of that stuff so far so we haven’t lost shit! 19 more words