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Robot Captures Views of Hidden Arctic Ecosystem : Discovery News

A nimble underwater robot has traveled below Arctic sea ice and collected the most extensive real-time video footage yet from this largely unexplored environment, revealing an unexpectedly rich ecosystem, scientists report. 20 more words

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What a Hitchhiking Robot Can Teach Us About Automated Coworkers - HBR

hitchBOT, Canada’s first hitchhiking robot, traveled unaccompanied across the continent (from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Victoria, British Columbia) in less than one month, relying solely on the help of strangers. 90 more words

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This Neuroscientist Is Trying to Upload His Entire Brain to a Computer | VICE | United States

So, in the future, if we’re able to download our brains, will brainless bodies be genetically grown for us? Or will we inhabit a more computer-like environment; a robot, say, or an android? 32 more words

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Un robot hecho de LEGOs que se mueve igual que un gusano

WormBot es el nombre de un robot hecho con las piezas de LEGO que se mueve igual que un gusano. Los desplazamientos que realiza no son fruto de la programación sino de la implantación de un centro nervioso digital igual al del insecto. 158 more words