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Samsung Unveils SGR-1 – An Armed Sentry Robot

While there is no doubt about science and technology making our lives better, it is no big secret that most research is done in military division and how to upgrade defenses. 253 more words


This New Snake Robot Moves In Sand Like A Real Sidewinder Rattlesnake

How many of you are aware of the sidewinder rattlesnake? It is one of the best sand travelers as far as animal kingdom is concerned. Why are we talking about snakes and sand? 326 more words


SCRIPT: Hand & wrist tele-reha for stroke patients involving Personal Tele-Robotics - PDF

The SCRIPT project aims at providing patients with a system for rehabilitation at home. It comprises a robotic orthosis to support hand and wrist movements; games for training ADL-related gestures; a telerehabilitation platform for remote supervision; and engaging and motivating user interfaces (UIs) for and therapists and especially for the patients. 38 more words


Surface matching module in OpenCV 3.0! & Google Summer of Code 2014

I was honored to accept the invitation to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2014 programme. I mentored a project for OpenCV about surface-based object recognition & pose estimation done by Tolga Birdal. 149 more words


6 Ways Drones Can Improve Your Life

via DroneLife

If you’re an avid reader of DRONELIFE (and why wouldn’t you be?), you probably already know that the commercial drone industry is expected to exceed… 836 more words


[WEB SITE] Researchers develop low-cost stroke rehabilitation glove

When the use of a hand is lost due to a stroke, it’s important to get that paralyzed hand moving again – this allows the brain and the body to “relearn” how to use it. 47 more words


[BOOK] Rehabilitation Robotics - OPEN ACCESS BOOK

The coupling of several areas of the medical field with recent advances in robotic systems has seen a paradigm shift in our approach to selected sectors of medical care, especially over the last decade. 132 more words