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Original Design: ROV Buoyancy

I designed this buoyancy for our ROV using manufacturing insight and knowledge of Archimedes’ Principle of Buoyant Force. The design revolves around efficiency, functionality, and aesthetic alike making use of math and known properties of Styrofoam in order to provide hydrodynamic stability to underwater vehicles.


International Champion ROV, Predator

This is Jesuit Robotic’s International-Collegiate champion ROV, Predator. Predator was designed by the team with much of the designs and CADD models like this one created by me.


Robot Number 2 - BeagleBone Black Style

So, it’s certainly not the prettiest chassis in the world, but it’s yet another robot. Aside from a few servo controllers and the BeagleBone Black, I bought the rest of the parts quite cheaply off of Amazon. 142 more words


The Most Awesome Robots (until 2014)

I came across this video that shows some of the bleeding edge Robotics and it is quite fascinating.
If you have some time to spare, I recommend you bring some popcorn and watch it ;)

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Summer 2014: Robots, Day 2 or 3

Day 2 of our 3-part summer series on robotics was a blast! Jeff Goodin started us off with a great introductory discussion about robotics, pointing out that robotics exist everywhere in our daily lives. 349 more words

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