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Watch MIT's Atlas humanoid robot drag a metal pillar like it's nothing

The folks at MIT have been refining their ATLAS humanoid (Boston Dynamics/DARPA) to be able to drag around a metal pillar.

Exciting, amazing and scary at the same time! 18 more words

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This tiny, bipedal robot can somersault and run faster than a toddler

These guys have found a different approach to the walking/running of robot legs.

It can do some impressive tricks and doesn’t require high computational resources. 7 more words

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A survey on robotic devices for upper limb rehabilitation - Full Text

…The existing shortage of therapists and caregivers assisting physically disabled individuals at home is expected to increase and become serious problem in the near future. The patient population needing physical rehabilitation of the upper extremity is also constantly increasing. 125 more words


Another simulation video: replaying a trajectory

Another video of the simulation. One advantage of working in simulation is being able to replay the same exact procedure again and again to see what happened.


WEB SITE: The SCRIPT project, Supervised Care & Rehabilitation Involving Personal Tele-robotics

The SCRIPT project, Supervised Care & Rehabilitation Involving Personal Tele-robotics, is partially funded by the European Commission under the Seventh (FP7 – 2007-2013) Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. 17 more words

Tele/Home Rehabilitation

Robotics Course

Barclays have put together a short mobile course designed to be taught over 7 hour periods.

It will include interactive content and hands on building a programming on how robots work. 44 more words

FELLOWSHIP: Innovation in Upper Limb Rehabilitation - Computer/ Robotic Based Therapy and Constraint Induced Therapy

…The objectives of this Fellowship were to learn the background reasoning behind the benefits of CI Therapy and the techniques used during this therapy. Learning the background reasoning behind the use of robotic/computer assistive technologies was also important to understand how these technologies are being used to increase function of upper limbs post neurological injuries… 7 more words