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Bioelectronic Medicine and the Dawn of Robotic Training to Improve Motor Outcome in Chronic Stroke - Full Text PDF

Engineers and clinicians have cooperated to produce and test new classes of bioelectronics that have altered motor impairment that occurs after stroke. The rationale that increased intensity of training alters outcome derives from past clinical and preclinical work. 430 more words

Upper Extremity

[ARTICLE] Does training with traditionally presented and virtually simulated tasks elicit differing changes in object interaction kinematics in persons with upper extremity hemiparesis?


Objective: To contrast changes in clinical and kinematic measures of upper extremity movement in response to virtually simulated and traditionally presented rehabilitation interventions in persons with upper extremity hemiparesis due to chronic stroke. 250 more words

Upper Extremity

Controlling the Sphero with the Myo armband in Node.js

I received my Myo armband a few months ago and I have been working on a few projects to control my other devices with it. To start with, I thought I would explain how I managed to control the… 540 more words


A Brain Sensor That Could Detect Strokes Before They Happen...

A few years ago, a team of engineers at Samsung started working on a project to detect strokes by analysing brain waves.

Considered pretty much impossible at the time, they now built a real prototype called the EDSAP for Early Detection Sensor & Algorithm Package. 277 more words


Control the Parrot ARDrone with the Leap Motion in Cylon.js

Following my tutorial on controlling the Sphero using the Leap Motion, I thought I would keep on converting my Node.js projects to Cylon.js and work on controlling the Drone with the Leap Motion. 312 more words


Top Scientists, Experts and Philosophers Warn of Dangers of Artificial Intelligence .

If it is ever achieved – and the current consensus is that it will be – the creation of a fully-fledged artificial intelligence could be the most major milestone in the history of humanity. 1,127 more words


Wireless Brain-Computer Interface

I am fascinated about brain-computer interfaces and all the research around using computers to try to recreate some brain functionalities.

In the United States, a team at the Brown University and BlackRock Microsystems  have been working on a new interface that would work wirelessly and created a device that could fit in the palm of your hand… 41 more words