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NAO Access Point

Hi there!

Today I have decided to publish a very small part of what will be my master’s final project.

It’s been a while since I started working with NAO Robot (manufactured by Aldebaran Robotics), a really cute humanoid robot that offers a huge range of possibilities, not only in the entertainment area, but also in the educational one (in which I am focussing my activity with it). 360 more words


Construction in ROS/Gazebo

  I have been working on a plug in for Gazebo that integrates with ROS for some human/machine collaboration work. One thing that Gazebo lacks is an ability to simulate magnetic joints between different objects, so I am experimenting with ways to do this. 133 more words


Soft-exoskeleton Part 2 - 3-Week Course: Explorations of Wearable Soft Robotics

Continuing from Soft-Robotic Exoskeleton…

With the new and exciting idea at hand we also suddenly had quite a few assumptions to verify before the project could be assumed to have any sort of potential. 617 more words


cloud for robotics

Internet is connecting people all over the world. Internet is great, because people can find information on it.

Why can’t machines using internet like people? It is because machines need more descriptions than people need on the internet. 119 more words


ORBIT Competition

Saturday, Doolittle Institute, Niceville High School, and the Okaloosa STEMM Center hosted the Okaloosa RoBotic Invitational Tournament (ORBIT). Eight schools from Okaloosa County participated in this competition where students from 4th to 8th grade programmed their Lego Mindstorms robots to autonomously accomplish five different missions to include Drag Race, Ball Pickup, Ball shoot, Maze, and Wind Sprints. 155 more words


Cyberdyne, Google, and the Rise of Drones

Set in a futuristic dystopian world where humans are pitted against advanced robots controlled by an AI, Terminator plays out like the hollywood blockbuster it turned out to be. 534 more words