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Chased by a robot... What?! (2)

Everyone I present you the culprit :

yes this thing is the robot that assaulted Hyeong’s jeans. They dissembled it as you can see, which in my opinion is equivalent to killing it (inside scream of happiness, not so sure if that’s a good thing being happy over the death of a robot… oh boy I’m so mean…. 278 more words

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Will technology take the stress out of back-to-school prep by 2024?

TORONTO – It’s not just kids that dread going back to school – parents do too.

From managing back-to-school purchases, to helping cranky kids adjust to new routines, there is a lot of work involved in getting kids ready for class. 616 more words


Chased by a robot... what?!

So what happened? Some of you might wonder, well so do I!!! The only thing I know is that earlier today HK sent me this kakao message with the following pic: 214 more words

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LKMS Robotics Club – Parent Orientation – Thursday September 4th , 2014

Parent Orientation (bring your students as well) meeting on September 4th , 2014 at 6:30 PM at the LKMS TechEd Lab. We will discuss the following at the meeting and kick start our 2014-2015 year. 60 more words


A Supersonic, Stealth Sub Could Sneak Up from China


In the film “The Hunt for Red October,” based on the Tom Clancy book, the Soviet Union deploys a high-tech submarine that is nearly undetectable and upsets the balance of Cold War nuclear détente. 303 more words


A new industry flexes its servos

At this year’s FIFA World Cup, the first kick was delivered by a man with paralyzed legs, Juliano Pinto. He was wearing an elaborate exoskeleton suit that enabled him to, remarkably, tap a soccer ball with his foot using only his mind—no buttons, no muscles, just brainwaves. 1,571 more words


Smart Robot is Safeguard for Live-Alone Seniors

For the many senior adults who live by themselves—12 million in the United States alone—a new robot companion is on the way. The smart, connected… 1,040 more words