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Robotics;Notes Collection 2 Review

Going in to Robotics;Notes it is almost impossible to ignore that semi-colon in the title and all that it represents. That semi-colon has come to represent the ‘Science Adventure’ series and with the reputation the series has following successful outings in… 701 more words


Robotics;Notes, Accel World


Aside from having inappropriately used a semicolon in the title, Robotics;Notes is actually not a bad show. Unfortunately, it’s not a particularly good show either.  430 more words


Weak Mecha

While at this point we have an understanding of the concept of a “weak” protagonists in giant robot anime thanks to characters like Ikari Shinji from… 167 more words


Robotics;Notes Collection 1 Review

As part of the Science Adventure series, Robotics;Notes has a lot to live up to, following on from the critically acclaimed Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head. After taking this particular scientific adventure with Aki and the Robotics Research Club through Madman Entertainment’s release of the first cour of the series, I can say that… 1,057 more words