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Sculpey Break

I made a robot out of Sculpey today based on the robot drawing below.

I’m really happy with it. I haven’t used Sculpey since high school, and it was a fun way to spend an evening.


The Pentagon on Future War

The CS Monitor reports today on the Pentagon’s projections for the next 10 to 20 years in the military. Findings are:

1) Slums and cities will grow. 297 more words


The Transcendence of Evil

There’s a guy I know in my industry who never says a bad word about anybody or anything. That’s his motto. Everything is upbeat, all the time. 771 more words


OSX Mavericks Vulnerable to Hacking?

The new iCloud Keychain in Apple’s Mavericks OS stores all website usernames and passwords, credit card numbers and Wi-Fi network information, and keeps the data across all Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad. 94 more words


U.S. Navy Firefighters Turning into (Actual) Robots?

Potential recruits to the U.S. Navy might soon look a bit different. The Navy wants to use robots as firefighters. These robots would take the place of sailors fighting fires on carriers and other ships. 264 more words