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World Cup 2026 Announced

Site for the World Cup in 2026 will be Dubai. Being one of the richest cities on Earth, it alone may well be the only city left (other than Abu Dhabi or Shanghai) which can afford the infrastructure costs by then. 342 more words


Robot Blogs about Shakira and Kris Kardashian

A future killer robot-in-training named BLOT began blogging about reality shows, facelifts, butt lifts, and a million other mindless human subjects in preparation for the day when it can control all programming (otherwise known as the Singularity.) Among its predictions was that Mama Kardashian would go the way of Joan Rivers and turn on her tormentors while getting full body lifts, that Kendall Jenner’s daughter would rebel and join the Peace Corps, and that Shakira would get a bionic hip replacement. 51 more words


Oculus Mockulus

You people. You just don’t know when to quit. Ever since the novels SNOW CRASH by Neil Stephenson or MONA LISA OVERDRIVE by William Gibson or… 483 more words