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Disadvantages of Automating with Industrial Robots

Robots are the only thing which can work 24*7 without complaining anything. Apart from these robots, manufacturers are also offering a huge range of used robots to provide the best production in least cost. 220 more words


Double Amputee Controls Two Prosthetic Arms with Mind, is Captured on Video

Leslie Baugh is a former electrician from Colorado who lost both of his arms in an accident some 40-years-ago, and was the first person ever to operate a set of prosthetic limbs that operate bilaterally purely with his thoughts. 136 more words


Will robots take our jobs? Experts can't decide

A new report from Pew Research brings together almost 2,000 experts to comprehensively assess the effect of robots on the workplace

Experts are divided over the role of robots over the next decade, with some arguing that they will create more jobs than they displace, and others worrying that they could lead to income inequality and a breakdown in social order. 597 more words


Robot Captures Views of Hidden Arctic Ecosystem : Discovery News

A nimble underwater robot has traveled below Arctic sea ice and collected the most extensive real-time video footage yet from this largely unexplored environment, revealing an unexpectedly rich ecosystem, scientists report. 20 more words

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What a Hitchhiking Robot Can Teach Us About Automated Coworkers - HBR

hitchBOT, Canada’s first hitchhiking robot, traveled unaccompanied across the continent (from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Victoria, British Columbia) in less than one month, relying solely on the help of strangers. 90 more words

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