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Enter Jellyman

“…quark.” (I don’t.)

“You do.”

“Quark.” (I really don’t.)

“You really do. It’s uncanny.”

“QUARK!” (It is not! Pen Pen isn’t even the same species as me!) 534 more words

USA: Venture Capital increasing robotics acquisitions

An undergrad Professor of mine always used to say that if you want to see what the future looks like, follow the money. Via Wall Street Journal… 292 more words


monsters and robots part 2

printed and stitched up. (:
more colours and creatures to come….

Screen Printing

On Robots


If one day in the future a program or robot attains a consciousness, or as many call it, self-awareness, it will in theory be able to ask the special questions that we humans are privileged to ask. 3,872 more words


Micro-fiction 010 – Head (Echoes series)


Thousands of years after leaving earth the human colonies explore their old planet, sending a legion of androids to penetrate the mysterious atmosphere.

Echoes | Head… 1,458 more words

Science Fiction

US Army Researchers test insect-inspired robots

Army researchers are finding they have much to learn from bees hovering near a picnic spread at a park.

Dr. Joseph Conroy, an electronics engineer at the U.S. 920 more words

Defence Talk