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Unemployment is inevitable - roBOTS do the work

Andrew likes technology. This explanatory video “Humans Need Not Apply” by C.G.P. Grey shows us a mostly possible future of humans. Take a 15 minutes break from whatever you are doing now and watch the video. 67 more words


Have a look at Gabe Ibáñez's Automata

This is the first I’ve heard about this movie (coming in October), but it looks like a movie to see: Gabe Ibáñez’s Automata, A serious look at the ethics of creating independent intelligence.


Antonio Banderas Leads The Robot Revolution In The First 'Automata' Trailer

As we build and introduce robots that are more and more complex into human society, it’s going to bring up a tough question nobody has the answer to: When do robots become complex enough, independent enough, that they’re a new form of life? 174 more words


Artificial Super-intelligence Poses an Existential Threat to Mankind

Artificial super-intelligence. Billed to be one of the largest advancements in our technological capabilities as yet to be achieved within the current century. Over 80% of experts in the field predict the emergence of such computational genius to occur within the next 5-100 years with the median estimate being around 2045. 930 more words
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Wandering around the Tate at night

Well, sort of.

From August 13 through August 17, the Tate tried an experiment. After hours (10pm-3am in the UK, 5-10pm in the eastern US time zone), … 261 more words


Chasing the Milky Way

 By Erin Moulton

Erin Moulton’s newest book for middle-school (and other!) readers takes 12-year-old Lucy Peevey, her best friend Cam, and Lucy’s little sister Izzy, on a wild ride. 79 more words


Here's How Robots Could Change The World By 2025

Here's How Robots Could Change The World By 2025
Pamela Rutledge, PhD and director of the Media Psychology Research Center, responded, “There will be many things that machines can't do, such as services that require thinking, creativity, synthesizing, problem-solving, and innovating… ….. 60 more words