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Future Stories

Hi. This blog about mod “Future Stories” for GTA 4. Here will be posted wip images and videos, downloadable content. This mod is about cyberpunk world with bionics, psionics, aliens, robots and a lot of other things that we’ll bring on ourselves in future.


Next-gen technologies get down to Robo-business

By Emily Lehmann 

A world in which robots and humans live side-by-side is no longer just stuff dreamed up in fantastical sci-fi movies (thank you very much James Cameron… 299 more words


Man vs. Machine

Will technology steal our jobs?

By Lucian Tarnowski | BraveNewTalent

As technology transforms millions of jobs around the world, it has created a “second machine age”, which represents a new inflection point in history. 869 more words


Autonomous Boats Are Helping The Navy Swarm On Threats

I rarely like to focus on military robots but this video is fascinating. It talks about the SWARM program, a system for controlling multiple boats in a body of water and ensuring they don’t crash into each other and can easily swarm on another ship as needed. 130 more words



If you’ve been downtown in the last month or two, you might have noticed this guy on the street…

If you haven’t seen him yet, allow us to introduce you to… Metrobot! 210 more words

Inside a modern car assembly plant - high tech calm

This video is a ‘factory tour’, showing the process of assembling BMW Series 3 vehicles.  It illustrates the extent to which robots have been incorporated in the production process, and the speed at which the line moves.   41 more words

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