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Light Novel Thursday: Knights and Magic by Amazake No Hisago

This week I’m covering a series I just read a couple weeks ago for Light Novel Thursday. It’s Knights and Magic by Amazake No Hisago! 430 more words


70. Appleseed Ex Machina

Deunan Knute is a badass. Her badassness has almost always been crippled in the direction of various pieces of the Appleseed story, but Ex Machina… 3,306 more words

BBPX Top 100

The Threat of Artificial Intelligence

What is the Internet of Things? I have been trying to answer this question for almost a year, as it is a term that is thrown around excessively in my media degree. 732 more words


What I Learned From Pixar's Wall-E

Recently I watched the animation Wall-E for the second time, and I must say I missed a lot the first time I watched it.  This time, I couldn’t help but notice the superb story-telling Pixar used. 347 more words

Writing Tips

Creepy Crawly Robot Slug Thing!

Researchers at Harvard have made amazing progress in the field of soft robotics. Their creepy crawling creation is untethered and self-containted, carrying its processors, control system and batteries on its back. 68 more words

Soft Robotics


Everything, inevitably, loses something in translation.

“Oook!” to a penguin, say, is not quite the same as “Oook!” to an orangutan. It requires a bit of guesswork, from both sides, and it’s not often they both guess right. 605 more words

Always wanted to own your very own robot?

Check out the article I wrote for Dieste’s Provoke Daily about the “family robot” and when you can get one. The future is here, people!