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Robots Building BMW X1 in New China Factory Auto Tech News

Robots Building BMW X1 in New China Factory Auto Tech News.
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July, November and December in October - and a pregnant belly

Some pictures I still wanted to share with you. I replaced my usual wall of text with a wall of images this time.

Here are two simple tags I made to accompany a voucher. 275 more words


Europe puts 2.8 billion in robot research

Europe puts 2.8 billion in robot research: The European Commission is launching Tuesday in collaboration with various companies to encourage collaboration. Robot industry in Europe. 18 more words

Excuse this squeeful fangirl moment

I haven’t stood in line for the first showing of a movie since an ex-boyfriend dragged me to some godawful Star Wars prequel. The one with Jar Jar. 137 more words

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Day 24



“The City”

Ray Bradbury

How do you defeat a robot when it is all around you? This is one of the main problems a crew of human astronauts face in Ray Bradbury’s short story “The City”. 234 more words


World's First Robot Pilot Ready to Replace Humans

As if the use of drones and A.I. autonomous systems aren’t controversial enough, now researchers in South Korea claim to have developed a humanoid robot… 129 more words

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Automatic Robot

Breathing is automatic.

I have many a time deluded myself into thinking that if I can just hold my breath for five measly minutes, I will starve and die.But what do I know? 465 more words

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