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Oh, Great, Harvard Is Building A Fleshy Robotic Facehugger

Hey, remember those creatures from Alien, the ones that jump up, wrap themselves around your face, and then do something horribly Freudian and transgressive? Harvard researchers are building a robot that does that. 250 more words


We don't find computers, or do we?

No, computational archaeologists don’t dig computers out of the ground nor do they find them in ancient shipwrecks…oh wait… it seems that with the help of some super diving suits they actually do (it all depends on what you define as a computer). 84 more words

Computational Archaeology

Playing with the Future at OECU

This past summer I had an amazing chance to visit Japan on exchange with OECU. From the first day I was impressed by the students’ creativity and incessant drive to make cool things. 255 more words


Micro-fiction 002 - Hybrid (Echoes series)


A twisting tale that teases at notions of humanity, and identity. A high-functioning robot wanders alone in the forests of a terra-formed planet, fearing for its life. 1,430 more words

Dark Fantasy


To follow a very interesting video about the latest robots created around the world.

The video starts with Nao, a tiny little robot created basically for entertainment purposes by French company Aldebaran. 189 more words

New Technologies