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The Boy Hook: The Zombies, "Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)" (1968)

July 28 is my birthday and also the day when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, now counted as the official start of World War I. (Let’s go back in time and ask Austria-Hungary: “Would you like to start World War I?”)[1] Today is the 100th anniversary of the larger event and the 61st anniversary of the smaller one. 204 more words

Rock Aesthetics

Improvised, continued: Derek Bailey, "Moment" (2000)

Is Roy Lichtenstein a great comic strip artist? No, he’s a great avant-garde artist who uses comic strip style. This is confusing. But you need to understand this to understand why Lichtenstein is in the Museum of Modern Art. 468 more words

Rock Aesthetics