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A Ritual Changes Everything...

I tend to believe in the power of rock bottom. Whatever “rock bottom” is, no one can really define it, but it’s a truth that you some how know “it” once you’ve hit it. 844 more words

"Frustrated": Rock Bottom for the Oil?

I cried after last night’s game. I’ve never cried after a game for negative reasons. I’ve cried because I’ve been so happy and overwhelmed with excitement, but I’ve never cried because I’ve felt so frustrated and let down by a team. 670 more words


Hard to handle.

I will have to say that the road to recover has to be one of the hardest things I have ever done. People who have been lucky enough not to fall to an addiction could never understand what its like to be addicted to something. 291 more words

At the Bottom

Ironically, it was New Year’s Day 2006 when he hit rock bottom. It was a cold, dreary day in Cape Town, and he needed something… something to warm his soul. 441 more words


Triumph or Regret?

It’s no secret I have put myself through a lot.  I want to focus on the important part of that statement; I, not anyone else, have put MYSELF through a lot.   870 more words


Rumor Mill! Columbus Short joins Reality TV!

These last two years have been nothing short of devastating for singer/actor/dancer, Columbus Short. From a bar brawl, to charges of domestic violence from his wife;, swiftly followed by his termination from “Scandal;” he appeared to have hit rock bottom. 289 more words

Hey Mikey

Rock bottom.

As the title exclaims, I myself feel like I have hit rock bottom.

In recent months things have just been getting worse and worse, it’s been a downward spiral to where I am now and I have no idea what I can do. 2,488 more words

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