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A moment please

*Uh, sorry can I just rant? Sorry

It’s past midnight, my resistance to sleep and my general health is depleting as we speak. I’m supposed to be on a vacation but I’m not. 448 more words


A Catalyst

My friends and I decided to commit to a Biggest Loser type challenge. Weigh-in is tomorrow at 8:15 AM in the bathroom near the cafeteria because it has a scale. 302 more words


Back on the Wagon - Day One

I am a disgrace when I drink. 

I woke up this morning at 0400 having been put to bed by my ex after dinner and some wine – well, almost three bottles of wine – between us, not just to myself, but there was a lot of wine.  620 more words

My Sobriety

Mother of All Messes

(c) WeHeartIt Images *Ugh life sucks it just really really sucksssss


the other way

you feel around in the darkness, upon the coldness of small tiles lain in perfect rows along a half-wet floor. you’ve never been there before. it’s the bottom. 346 more words

Caught Between

losing hope....

august 12…. classes start on sept 3rd for a program that will change my life and will make me happy.

but…. no word yet on the hardship review. 570 more words