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On the Realization That 'Rock Bottom' is Actually Quite Boring.

“Whoever said being sober gets easier as time goes on is full of shit,” I heard myself complain. I instantly regretted admitting to this though, because it gave permission to exist the possibility that I was struggling at all. 1,362 more words


Dwelling in the low

I just got laid off.


Well, actually it is a big hit in my flank, but my head knew it was coming. My contract is running out as of today, I am on sick leave since almost 3 weeks and for 2 more weeks and my boss was struggling to get funding for me. 109 more words


UFO ~ Strangers In The Night

Someone at A & M Records came up with an idea. Release a double LP live album. Tinker around with it a bit in the studio so it sounds good, make it a kinda best of and hope that it sells. 383 more words

Frampton Come Alive

Rock bottom is a hard place to be

So I have moved. And I have lost a dear friend to death. And I have started the paperwork for my divorce. And I have faced changes about my ex and I that are hard to accept. 348 more words


Rock Bottom, Part One

What a strange trip the last 17 days has been. Driving to work on September 11, I realized I didn’t have my cell phone. I should have turned around and retrieved it (after all, don’t we all feel handicapped without our phones?) but knowing I was headed to work where I’d have a phone & computer, I figured I could get by without it for one day. 1,097 more words

Coach Hits the Rock Bottom

Can you smell what Anthony Schlegel is cooking?

He laid the smack down on this fans candy ass

Anthony Schlegel will take this fan down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check him directly into the Smackdown Hotel!