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Reality-testing: Why mourning is so very hard and takes so very long.

Too often we are shocked by the excruciating pain of mourning. Mourning disrupts our lives in ways we never anticipate and takes longer than we thought possible. 251 more words


may 17

do they have chatrooms any more. i would suggest hanging out in a chat room of successfuls where they talk about how how they became successful, hehehe. 890 more words

People are Perps, and Perps are People

Eminem reaches out to those people least likely to access mental health services – the perpetrators. Most perpetrators are tormented by regret. We are haunted by the pain we have inflicted on those most precious to us. 29 more words

Walool pt. 4 Padded with Pizzas

It’s the FINALE of the 4 part adventure Wearing a lot of Orange Lately (WALOOL)! With guest comedian, actor, and member of sketch group Alpacalips Nathan Tillis. 96 more words



I keep looking over at my son. His beautiful trusting, open face and i keep waiting for that thing. That “mother” thing that would make you lift a car off your kid in a time of duress. 615 more words

When You Hit Rock-Bottom

Trials. We all go through them. Whether your spouse just cheated on you, you lost a loved one, your friends back-stabbed you, you feel lonely, your health is beating you, or whatever it may be, we all go through things that weigh on us and make us feel like we can’t go on. 824 more words


A moment please

*Uh, sorry can I just rant? Sorry

It’s past midnight, my resistance to sleep and my general health is depleting as we speak. I’m supposed to be on a vacation but I’m not. 448 more words