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Today is a new day!

Today is most definitely a new day and I am going to make the most of it. I have hit rock bottom been made to feel horrible, but I am still here and in fact I am stronger then I ever was. 75 more words


From bad to extremely worse.

After having a full blown anxiety attack because of something that someone who said they loved me has caused I am at that point of knowing that I need to throw in the towel on this, pick myself up very lady like, brush myself off and start in a new direction. 92 more words



I used to think I was pretty switched on to things, sharp enough to protect myself, but everything that has happened in the last year has left me at a loss. 754 more words

Gable Progress

Despite the heat, I finished replacing the east downspout and painted the portion of the gable that was primed. I’ll move the ladder tonight and prime more. 41 more words


Our Been There, Done That Addiction Rehab Guarantee

When we began formulating our plans for New England Rehab, one of the primary points of consideration was remembering how life was as an addict and to think about who we were most likely to listen to. 217 more words

Waking fresh.

Morning dear reader.

I’ve woken to a bright, sunny day. ¬†Feeling a bit fuggy if I am honest. I had weird dreams which I expected and woke feeling a bit disoriented. 762 more words


Begin again

What does one need when hitting rock bottom? Someone else who touched bottom too.

A disgruntled music producer is going through the worst day of his life, having been fired from the company he founded as well as realising he is not doing a great job as a father also. 164 more words