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Rock Bottom

As some of you know, I am currently in school to become a health coach. In a video lecture, I watched a man by the name of, Mastip Kipp. 662 more words

Rock bottom, there is only one way from here, I hope

I’ve not written a post for a few days because I’ve had a particularly bad time. Not that any time at the moment is good. Saturday evening I had to call an ambulance for a family member, it was bad enough dialling 999 and living through that phone call again, but one of the paramedics that came to the house was one that came to help William on the day he died. 385 more words

dubbed unforgiven

that dumb pill….

I’d like to thank Prozac for ruining any decision making from here on out…

I will never see myself the same way again. 743 more words


This Girl

dedicated to one of my best friends & any girl who has hurt or is hurting

“Here I am. Rock bottom.” She thought to herself as she woke up alone, the sheets gathered around her in an organized mess, her head pounding and hazy from the night before.

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This is the House

I was born in a house made of fire.
And my walls were fire and my doors
and my foundation. And everything within
was burned. 307 more words


What Is Rock Bottom?

An interesting article in The Alcoholics Guide to Alcoholism discusses what it means to say an alcoholic must reach “rock bottom” before committing to recovery. 1,392 more words

Addiction And Recovery