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Day 4 - Black Dog

So I received some bad news last night. Not really that bad, an inconvenience more than anything – our child care subsidy had been suspended. 455 more words


7 Reasons You Should Embrace Rock Bottom

Rock bottom sucks. I’ve hit it many times and usually what I think is rock bottom ends up being a step above the even deeper rock bottom that I eventually hit. 500 more words



Gasping for air;
Too intoxicated to remember how to swim.
Hoping someone reaches out their hand
And pulls me out before I sink.


Day 1 - Vital Statistics

So this is rock bottom.

Can’t say I really like the view.

It’s Monday morning and the tail end of yet another lost weekend. More than a weekend, actually. 317 more words


Rock Bottom

A few years down yonder I worked as a server at a restaurant called Rock Bottom. Above anything else, at least they got the name right. 907 more words


What am I doing?

Throughout AA we are taught how to live our new life’s without alcahol. And to me it seams like someone has written a book just for me every time I read the steps. 538 more words


Pink Parade

I had the idea to kill myself by taking aspirin and alcohol. I got it from Girl, Interrupted. I relate to that character so much I feel like I should do what she did and blurt out my crazy and just move on from selfish morose drowning. 237 more words