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The special snowflake syndrome

1,783 miles from Brooklyn, NY to Denver, CO. Did you know that there was a Brooklyn, IA?

I’ve done many a late-night and overnight drive but this is the longest one I’ve done solo. 1,581 more words

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Recently Justin and I started indoor climbing and it has been so much fun! It has also taught us a lot about trust and communication. If you aren’t familiar with climbing here is how it works. 679 more words

Muscles are forming!

This just in, very tiny muscles are forming! Thank you rock climbing :)

In other news, I did ok this weekend and lasted ok through the holiday parties and friend time hang outs. 32 more words

stay in school kids

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, it really is. If I could give 15 year-old me a quick call or a WhatsApp just to tell her to step away from the cake and avoid that English Literature degree then I would, but 15 year-old me would probably just tell me to fucking do one. 896 more words

Bear Grylls

Random update

An update more for the fam’, as I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be doing the next couple of weeks, and some non-climbing stuff, but still more climbing stuff than not 😊 352 more words


How to be an Expert in Everything

I’m going to become an expert in the things my boyfriend is passionate about. This is especially important in our situation because he happens to be passionate about dangerous things, including but not limited to: Rock climbing, base jumping, motorcycle riding, and general adventuring. 413 more words




These images are intended for use in publications for climbing purposes and general interest. Websites, magazines, journals and newsletters and local papers have been kept in mind as I present these images. 797 more words

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