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Visualization of Interview Section

I chose this Q/A from an interview by Rock Paper Shotgun (a gaming news and reviews site) with my idol, Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software. The context is the results of a Humble Bundle with many of his games in, which made a fair bit of cash. 94 more words


Early Access Journalism

The title for this post came from an astute observation made by a user on the /r/KotakuInAction subreddit. He/She hit the figurative nail right on the head. 674 more words

Video Games

Welcome to the (PC) Machine.


Is there anybody out there? Or did Pink lie to me?

Oh well, here goes nothing.

Hello friends, stay a while and listen to what I hope becomes an interesting springboard for ideas and posts collected from my series of internal ramblings (mostly) pertaining to the realm of video games. 377 more words

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In defence of Games Journalism

A response to this petition

Games journalism, and forgive the irony of this metaphor, seems to have received a lot of bad press lately. If you know why then that’s fine, we don’t need to mention it. 1,514 more words