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Mimicry Man

The next little game I’ve had time for. Clever little puzzler, I finished it in under 2 hours. There were some built in shortcuts near the end that I wasn’t aware of. 82 more words

Rock Paper Shotgun


I played the Gorogoa demo last week, from a recommendation on Rock Paper Shotgun.

Brilliant tile-based puzzle game, excellent concept. I love the different ways the tiles interact with each other. 29 more words


A couple new things.

Hey folks. I just got back from Mexico City a few days ago. You can see some photos from that trip here. While I was out, a couple things I wrote before I left got published! 87 more words


Visualization of Interview Section

I chose this Q/A from an interview by Rock Paper Shotgun (a gaming news and reviews site) with my idol, Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software. The context is the results of a Humble Bundle with many of his games in, which made a fair bit of cash. 94 more words


Early Access Journalism

The title for this post came from an astute observation made by a user on the /r/KotakuInAction subreddit. He/She hit the figurative nail right on the head. 674 more words

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