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DTC Meets Thursday Nov. 20th......Winning On The Democratic Record.....Election Wrap In Pictures

Town Committee Meets Thursday, November 20th

The November meeting of the Democratic Town Committee will be held  Thursday, November 20th, at 7 p.m at New Britain City Hall, Room 504. 646 more words

Rock The Vote

Rock the Vote: Movie Stars Meet Democracy in Action

Not only do movies and TV shows influence our political beliefs, but the actors and actresses that star in them can influence us as well. If you don’t believe me, check out the YouTube videos below, which feature celebrities encouraging everyone to do their civic duty by voting. 136 more words


So Why Didn't You Vote?

Fun fact: Voter turnout across Massachusetts was 48% for the November 2014 Gubernatorial Election. That’s abysmal.

But instead of demonize those you didn’t vote and get all high and mighty, I’d rather ask “Why did so many people not vote?” Well, I will posit that the answer is “voter apathy.” Not apathy to the issues at hand, because I believe that everyone cares about them to some degree, even if they don’t say they do, but instead apathy toward being a (Democratic) voter in Massachusetts. 71 more words

Western Mass

Sock Talk Podcast Episode 49: Sock the Vote


Episode Runtime:
Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Sock Talk! This week Phil Healy and Jon Caron, the producers of the documentary  “My Name Is Jonah” 51 more words


Lil Jon Flies From L.A. To The ATL To Rock The Vote, After Not Recieving His Absentee Ballot

Lil Jon complained this morning on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that he was forced to board an early flight from L.A. to Georgia to vote in person in today’s election after he never received a requested absentee ballot. 95 more words


Creating a PSA in InDesign



Project Assessment – Assignment #10.1 / PSA Part 1

Applied Terms and Tools:

This week’s assignment was to create a PSA advertisement using the text tools we learned in class and through using other elements that we have learned in the course thus far (including skills learned on Photoshop). 361 more words


Why I Chose Not to Vote

While I may receive criticism due to this article, I believe that most Americans should not vote. People have the choice, if they wish, to go to the polls, spend an hour in line to select the future of our nation on a screen and leave with a smile. 905 more words