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My Last Day in London

Today is my last day in London. All the guilt I’ve felt at various times this semester for wasting days being lazy has culminated in the ultimate last ditch attempt to “seize the day” as it were. 1,641 more words

My Birthday!

I slept in today, Ashley asked me to meet her at Speakeasy at noon, so I had plenty of time. I used my last cup of Jiffy to make peanut butter toast for breakfast. 1,227 more words


I don’t know what to think when I have been single all my life and 14 year old girls have had like 3 boyfriends already… And I swear I’m not that ugly, not that I’m one of the 7 wonders either but… :( 24 more words


Improvements in air-breathing propulsion pave the way to space

After reigning supreme for decades, traditional rockets may be supplanted by their more efficient air-breathing brethren as the preferred method of reaching space.

Air-breathing supersonic propulsion, such as a ramjet, may receive an efficiency boost from a new design recently proposed in the… 402 more words

Aerospace Design

This section is geared those who have a background in aerospace engineering:

The concept of  multiple rocket exhaust areas was based upon the Strutjet concept, which used multiple rockets in an individual air duct. 231 more words

Aerospace Design

Store-cupboard stir-fry - a sort of global recipe

While tackling my store cupboard (I have a spreadsheet for it and update it periodically) and eating my way through the stuff that’s going to go off before the end of the year I came across this rather useful generic recipe which I adapted to what I had available. 300 more words

Dinner Meals