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''Rockets and Trampolines''

A friend of mine, Akintola, recently wrote a very meaningful poem titled: Rockets & Trampolines

This poem made me think real ‘high’. Read it and you probably will too. 6 more words


Russia has decided to suspend deliveries of rocket engines to Ukraine for payment reason

23.10.2014 Infox

Planned for this year the launch of ┬áthe first Ukrainian geostationary satellite broadcasting “Lybid” have to be postponde to a later date. The reason is that the manufacturer of the launch vehicle of this satellite – Dnepropetrovsk, “Yuzhmash” – has problems. 44 more words


I wish I could blast off in to space today from Kennedy Space Center.

Where do you want to take off to?


Java - How to Check if a String Contains a Substring with its Characters in Order?

I’m just starting out and I’m completely lost on how to do this.

I want to be able to check a string for a smaller substring and return true if the string contains the letters of the substring in order. 66 more words


Jquery toggling multiple block of checkboxes

I have this working, but there is a slight issue…

I have 2 blocks of 3 checkboxes. Group A and Group B

If I select ‘all’ for Group A then all of the checkboxes state in group A is toggled. 111 more words


Jquery Toggle Select All with Image

I’ve got a select all toggle working when using a checkbox.

But when trying to use an image instead it fails and I don’t see why.. 57 more words