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I don’t know everything. There’s so much to learn it’s incomprehensible, I wonder how much I can stuff into the bulge that is my brain. How many emotions can I experience? 75 more words


What Happens When Your Teacher Is a Video Game? by Gordon Lafer

“At the heart of these opportunities, Princeton Review founder John Katzman explains, is the question, “How do we use technology so that we require fewer highly qualified teachers?” This is the essential goal of the financial sector: to replace costly and idiosyncratic (though highly qualified) human teachers with mass-produced and highly profitable digital products—and to eliminate the legal and political conditions that inhibit a free flow of taxpayer dollars to the creators of these private products. 396 more words


September 14, 2014: Rock Revolt Magazine, The Wright Brothers for rockrevoltmagazine.com

Working with members of your family is not always an easy thing. There are four brothers though, who don’t seem to share the same opinion. 1,402 more words


Creative Expression: Grafic novel - Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples.

Oh, I have really enjoyed this one. The story, created by Brian K. Vaughan, got everything in it : love and romance between two intergalactic fugitives Marco and Alana; he is from magical moon planet Wreath – moony with horns, she is from planet Landfall – with green wings and “bad girl with open mind” attitude. 235 more words

Graphic Novels

Education Factory

“Education Factory,” a new illustration in the Fall 2014 issue of Rethinking Schools. The cover theme of the issue “Teaching in Black and White,” with a number of very sharp and inspiring essays about race in the classroom. 22 more words


Toy Story Invitations: Buzzlightyear in Rocketship

Toy Story invitations. Buzzlightyear in Rocketship.
Lots of layers and embossing. Cutest Buzzlight invitation!