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Live Review: The Time Sellers // The Rocking Chair, Sheffield, 27.11.14

Just over a month ago I watched The Time Sellers take to the stage of Sheffield’s O2 Academy, a bundle of nerves and anticipation, as they were about to unleash the product of hours spent in the practice room upon the music lovers of Sheffield for the very first time. 541 more words


The Rocking of Gentle Nothings

Rocking Chair
by Sujatha Warrier

Whiffs of air
whisper sweet nothings,
Life gently rocks in its chair,
A soft heave backward
to browse the distant skies, 79 more words



-Ένα Πακέτο Ζάχαρη.

Και η κυριούλα από πίσω δυο πράγματα και σπασμένο χέρι.

Πετρέλαιο ούτε για Πλάκα και εσύ I-Phone και της Ψωλής σου τον Χαβά. 41 more words


when Frank has decided to retire

tired of being a star
Frank parked his rusty 1971 AMC Hornet
in the garage

took his shotgun from the closet
that had a smell of an oil and bluntness… 84 more words


Μαθαίνεις να Βλέπεις και με τις Άλλες Αισθήσεις.

Φωτια και Παρανάλωμα, και Έχω Αρχίσει Μήνες Τώρα,

Απορώ Εσύ Ειδικά Πως τα Σημάδια Δεν  Είδες.

Όχι τι Λέει το Στόμα μου, μα τα Αισθήματα μου,


Carpe Diem Haiku *Sylph, spirit of the wind*

* * *
empty rocking chair
squeaking on the weathered porch
-spirit of the wind

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


Keinutuoli Unelmia / Rocking Chair Daydreaming

  Haaveilin keinutuolista kauan, ja kun meillä oli vihdoin tilaa löysin vanhanajan kunnon kiikun. Paikkansa se löysi olohuoneen nurkkaan, takkatulen viereen. Se natisee sopivasti ja on vielä yllättävän mukava istua. 39 more words