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Grampa, by scent

Here is another prose poem, written during a time when poems simply leaked out of my heart and all I could do was grab a pen and write them down. 377 more words

Verses From The Heart

Resurrection - The Great Turning

Cosmic change is not cosmetic change. It is radical, meaning ‘to the root,’ and it will mean the upheaval of our cherished customs and the disposal of stories that have provided the basic framework for our lives.

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The Rhythm of Life!

I suspect I have been bitten by the holiday bug! That’s the only thing that explains why my posts have lately been about lazy, cozy things. 500 more words

Home Decor

In five, four, three....

So we’re in the home stretch. Review is in two and a half weeks and everything is coming together. This past week I worked on the backrest, which I neglected until the very end mostly because I wasn’t sure how to do it. 798 more words

Celestial Event

I live in Las Vegas, where the lights of the city obliterate the stars in the heavens. Despite the fact that the only cluster of stars I can identify is the Big Dipper, I consider myself a bit of a stargazer, and the appearance of a full moon over the horizon compels me every four weeks to send an excited text alert to my grown children, “Go up on the roof and look at the moon!” One time they ran up to do just that, thinking there was something wrong with it, based on the exclamation point, I guess, only to discover the same old fat moon smiling and winking at them. 335 more words