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Joshua Tree & The Hole in the Wall

I had hiked out to find cactus blooms and wildflowers. On the way back, my eye picked up on the hole in the wall in the distance and the Joshua Tree’s arms formed a nice frame.


Etsy Shop offering River Rocks

This is a beautiful collection of colored  river rocks

largest rock measures 2″ x 1″

will ship anywhere just ask for rates 

What’s your favorite type or color of rock to find?  Share your comments below


Friday Rocks: Wiseman's Ferry

This is another beautiful rock feature we came across on our canoe trip at Wiseman’s Ferry north of Sydney late last year.  I love the delicate overlapping folds of the rock, like fine petals or icing spread across a (pricey!) cake.


Petra - Treasury

The treasury building at the ancient city of Petra, Jordan.