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#Rocksmith Fall 2014 Catalog

“To kick off the autumn season Rocksmith delivers a capsule collection inspired by the mountaineering aesthetic that is prevalent in current Japanese fashion. The hiking detailing in fall delivery 1 is fused with the brands usual modern “big city” styling—creating a functional and eye catching array of product.

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Another Cinderella Story

Week #4: I think my TV doesn't want me to learn guitar.

This last week, while easily being my most inconsistent, was also disheartening because I fear my current set up with the cables plugged directly into my TV may not be conducive to high levels of play if I ever were to get there. 200 more words


Jamplay + Rocksmith 2014 = cool

Quick update, Jamplay is helping fill in where I need it and has many cool features worth 15$ a month.

I switched my strings back to normal display, inverted was not working for me, so if I copy Jamplay TAB, I will just invert that instead. 43 more words

Jack of All Trades

I am a jack of all trades, master of none.

My writing came to a complete halt while working on the Prairie Oaks Pt 2 post. 377 more words


NEW Rocksmith Guitar and Bass (Playstation 3)

PS3 Rhythm Games | NEW Rocksmith Guitar and Bass (Playstation 3)

Introducing the next stage in the evolution of the music game, Rocksmith Guitar and Bass is the first and only game that you can plug into any real guitar or bass. 16 more words

Rocksmith Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

Guitarists of the gaming world rejoice. It seems that another clue has emerged revealing the potential release of Rocksmith for current-gen consoles.

Back in July, Amazon Italy had listings for new editions of Rocksmith, describing the ability to transfer content across from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 136 more words


Week #3: I am really, really terrible at guitar.

I should probably stop trying to sound like a broken record and start just trying to better myself. Not much to add this week, as I mentioned before the quick progress through at least understanding, not mastering, the basics is over and now actual grind time begins. 121 more words