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Here you go, this weeks DLC teaser

For the fans of heavy metal.

not my taste but to each their own.

Don’t forget the Live stream on twitch Thursday 2PM EST

sec…..looking for link…skull, nope,..finger bone, nope…TV remote…so that’s where that was. 9 more words

Rocksmith 2014 - Review


Video Transcript:

With Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Rock Revolution, Ultimate Band and all of their countless subsidiaries finally stepping down from their three or four years of fame, it’s safe to say there was a void in the market for peripheral-based music games. 863 more words

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Rocksmith 2014 Impressions and Review

So I thought to myself “what would be a fitting way to kick this blog off?  Ah ha, why not write a post about Rocksmith 2014?   1,609 more words


War Ensemble

This is enough to sell me on Rocksmith 2014.

Video Games

Here is the latest DLC music pack teaser video.

Here ya go, songs to learn to impress the lady zombies

I will buy them all.

Soft…Rock and Roll


Watch A 10-Year-Old Girl And Her Little Sister Own Slayer's 'War Ensemble'

While her giggly friends are riding pink ponies to the nearest mall, or whatever it is 10-year-old girls do, Audrey is at home, shredding. She’s an accomplished Rocksmith guitar player, and she recently showed off her impressive skillz by playing along to Slayer’s “War Ensemble,” a song I didn’t even know existed when I was Audrey’s age, let alone being able to play along to it. 17 more words


Popular songs

I have been going over my song library and marking several songs that I want to learn by heart.

Are they my favorite songs ? Nope but I don’t dislike them. 102 more words