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THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1975) - Great spoofery, rock music, and Susan Sarandon's breasts

The line for critical objectivity ends at The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Either you love this one, or you just don’t get it. (Count me among the former.) 433 more words


Once in a while?

This also got an airing at Nine Worlds over the weekend. Its the missing song from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I love it. It has, for me, a wistful quality about it that next to nothing else in the show has. 116 more words

Rocky Horror Picture Show Lovers! Sweet Transvite: Rule!

In reality, I’ve never,ever seen the whole movie, but the soundtrack is awesome, as does dancing in gay clubs filled with men who just want to dance with me. 20 more words

This Day ... For What It's Worth

August 9th. Who knew?

I thought “It’s a day like any other day.”

Then, looking back in history, I noticed that tomorrow will be the 67th birthday of the man I dated all through college and beyond. 101 more words


Guest Blogger : Seàn Ò Broin (Rocky Horror In NYC)

Hello darlings! Every week I shall be handing my blog over to a guest blogger for the day! I’ve handpicked some beautifully inspiring artists and performers from around the world! 366 more words


Express Yourself - July 28-Aug. 1, 2014

Hello bloggers! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I’m a couple of days late for this week’s posting of the Express Yourself weekly meme that comes out monthly with a different topic each week, but I did it! 178 more words

Express Yourself

Rose Tint My World

Yeah, I know I forgot to make a post yesterday, but it was for a good reason! I finally got out to do things! Outside! With people! 516 more words