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10 Best Fight Scenes in Cinema

Every person loves action movies. I feel confident making the claim because p**sies don’t count as people in my book.

A couple of conditions. First, the combat has to be (mostly) unarmed and has to be reasonably small in scale. 804 more words

Movie Music Mega Madness: Sports Action Montage Collection

Let’s have some wacky fun here today with some irrelevant 80s movie’s song montages, specifically sports action/training montages! Who doesn’t love a good sports action/training music montage? 29 more words

Movie Music Mega Madness

Rocky IV

Release Date: 11/27/1985
Format: DVD

The Good

The good guy wins and the training montage sets the standard for all montages that follow.  As opposed to Ivan Drago, his Soviet counterpart, who has a plethora of ultra-modern training equipment and techniques, Rocky goes old school.  116 more words


Stallone Zone: The Sylvester Stallone Movie Marathon

Stallone Zone is a tough guy movie marathon of all Sylvester Stallone films that ran at Alamo Drafthouse this May. Much like the Nicolas Cage marathon, Caged, that ran last year, these marathons run 4 films back to back with 15 minute breaks in between for bathroom breaks and prize giveaways. 980 more words


Movie Quote of the Day - Rocky IV, 1985 (dir. Sylvester Stallone)

Rocky: Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life.

Movie Quote Of The Day

Four for the fourth: 4 movies to watch as you celebrate Independence Day

Whether you want to escape the brutal July heat or an untimely rain shower pushes you indoors, we present four movies that will help you continue the celebration and keep everyone in the holiday spirit. 305 more words


Four Movies to Watch on the Fourth

It’s the 4th of July! Time for a long weekend with a lot of hanging around time, barbecuing, and waiting for fireworks (not to mention the East Coast is about to get hit with bad weather, so specifically if you’re in the east) why not watch some movies to get into the American Spirit? 492 more words