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Best of 2014: Best Colorist

From lines at conventions to the internet petitions every time an assignment changes, its clear comic fans put a lot of stock in who writes and draws their comics, often to the exclusion of the rest of the creative team. 1,278 more words

Brian Buccellato

C.O.W.L. 7 (December 2014)

The issue starts off a little rocky. Reis gets a big action sequence and it’s all style and no substance. Then Higgins and Siegel gradually ease the substance out of that scene as the rest of the comic progresses. 149 more words

'Deathstroke' #3 Celebrates the Holidays in a Bloody Fashion

Remember the old days, before he was ubiquitous in video games, TV shows, and even kids’ cartoons, when Deathstroke was just a dude who harassed the Teen Titans and handed them crushing defeats–all while clad in armor that made him look like a pirate? 425 more words


Commentary Track - Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel Discuss C.O.W.L. 6

C.O.W.L. is the story of a superhero union in mid-century Chicago. That logline heaps on the atmosphere, from the period setting to the particular climate of organized labor in Chicago, giving writers Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel a ton of space to explore. 7,093 more words