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Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha — Roddy Doyle

I started this post ready to jump straight into a discussion of the book but while doing a little bit of background research I stumbled upon a surprising (at least to me) fact. 780 more words

Man Booker Prize

Wonderland in Metroland: Doyle, Blake, and Clive Barker's WEAVEWORLD

I just finished rereading Clive Barker’s Weaveworld, the 1987 fantasy which sees a world of magic, concealed for a century in an enchanted carpet, unleashed on contemporary Britain. 973 more words


Not in our Stars, But in Ourselves

A Star Called Henry
Roddy Doyle

It’s possible that Roddy Doyle is the finest Irish writer of his generation.

That’s a huge statement and one I’m in no real position to support. 898 more words


The Impossibility of Words

I’ve often wondered how it’s possible for non musicians to write about music. Indeed, writing about music can be pretty tough because words don’t convey sound, only an approximation and then only in the very best poetry. 774 more words

My Very First Post

WBW Book Corner: Somewhere (Elsewhere)

So normally here on the WBW Book Corner, I give my intro, as so, followed by the summary that Amazon provides for the book that I am spotlighting! 350 more words


Roddy Doyle - La musica è cambiata

che poi il personaggio principale è quel Jimmy Rabbitte dei nostri amati committments, solo invecchiato (e che m’envecchio solo io, ahò??), sempre cazzone ancorché malato. Un bel tot di malinconia ma lo spirito quello c’è. 30 more words


Roddy Doyle is my stalker...

Roddy Doyle is my stalker. Or at least at a certain point frequent path crossings convinced me of this status. Clearly, this recognition works two ways but for a period Roddy Doyle was everywhere. 1,034 more words