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Roddy Doyle is my stalker...

Roddy Doyle is my stalker. Or at least at a certain point frequent path crossings convinced me of this status. Clearly, this recognition works two ways but for a period Roddy Doyle was everywhere. 1,034 more words

Summer at the Bookshop: it started with a sketch...

In honour of bookselling summers gone by (and fellow booksellers), I am re-posting an edited version of a blog article that I originally wrote for… 985 more words

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The End of June's #BOOKADAYUK Twitter Campaign (3 of 3)

The June #bookadayuk Twitter campaign comes to an end. Here are my final tweets:

Day #25: Never finished it: Mrs. Dalloway. Woolf’s stream of consciousness kills me. 144 more words


How Roddy Doyle's "The Deportees" can help New Pulp

This was supposed to be a review of Roddy Doyle’s “The Deportees and Other Stories.” When I picked the book up off my “Need to Read This” shelf, my intention was to just read it and review it. 981 more words

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REVIEW: Brilliant- Roddy Doyle

When Uncle Ben’s Dublin business fails, it’s clear to Gloria and Raymond that something is wrong. He just isn’t his usual cheerful self. So when the children overhear their granny saying that the Black Dog has settled on Ben’s back and he won’t be OK until it’s gone, they decide they’re going to get rid of it. 685 more words

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Impressions of Roddy Doyle’s Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha  

(Spoiler Alert: Small children spend a lot of time torturing each another)

One of my favorite anecdotes to tell about when I was a kid (or more of a kid) is the time my younger cousin choked me with the chord of an N64 control. 577 more words

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La gita di mezzanotte

La nonna è all’ospedale. Mary, sua nipote, le vuole molto bene, ma è dura per lei andarla a trovare. Durante le visite la nonna dorme quasi sempre e Mary sa che la sua vita è prossima alla fine. 313 more words

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