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All Tuckered Out

It’s Summertime in the Midwest. That means hot and humid.
Not always, just usually. Actually, this Summer is particularly mild but we did have a few hot ones. 10 more words



“I get up”, sang this furry newcomer one morning, “and nothing gets me down.”

“Hellohellohello!”, joined Sister O. in, laid down a killer solo and took the two of them straight to the final chorus.


Capybara Tee

These graphic tees have an image of a capybara, an awesome aquatic rodent of enormous size.

American Apparel Juniors Organic Tee

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White Line Fever

Am I the only one to see traces of the fat line of cocaine this dude just snorted? Don’t do drugs, boys and girls, it’s a nasty habit. 7 more words


39 Steps: Revelation

That’s left. In front of the workshop. Seven steps from down the original crime scene. Who says dead things don’t move?



I’ll always remember when this one guy came in to our camera store. We were talking for a short while and then he snapped his fingers and pointed right at me with eyes quite wide. 135 more words


Living the Clean Life

Today I want to tell you a short (true) little story to illustrate the below life lesson.

A Clean Home Is A Happy Home.

This can be said for any living space (doesn’t matter if you live in a 5 story house or a little cardboard box). 414 more words