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Brave campaign on 'rape culture' by Rodney Hide

For the second week in a row Rodney Hide has used his weekend Herald column to address ‘rape culture’.

Rodney Hide: Rape culture protects predators…

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Stop suppression don't abuse power

Rodney Hide writes on a sexual predator:

. . . His victim is left scared to be in her own home and is no longer the bubbly person she once was. 350 more words


Sexual predators shouldn't be able to hide

Rodney Hide writes about another of New Zealand’s dirty secrets in Forget Rolf, Maggie. We have our own sexual predator to name and shame.

The “prominent” New Zealander took the opportunity to grab her, push his tongue down her mouth, paw her, push his hand down her pants, and jam her hand on his “whatsit”.

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Editorial: who is protecting our kids from the trade unions?

The focus will again be on the Labour Party this week, after the Herald on Sunday exposed the party’s links to organised trade unions.

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Policy, positions, power for cash

Rodney highlights the biggest donations’ scandal:

The true donations scandal in New Zealand politics was reported this week without comment. It’s the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union’s $60,000 donation to Labour. 516 more words


H is for . . .

Rodney Hide reminds us that H is for Harawira, Harre and hypocrisy:

I used to think politics was all about achieving good government. That proved invariably disappointing. 351 more words