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Thinking about learning in organisations differently

So you’re in Learning & Development, or training, or Training and Development, or you are a proactive manager, business owner or a consultant… in fact, you could be just about anybody because that is who there are benefits for in understanding and taking control of you and your team’s learning in the workplace. 363 more words

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Review: Crab Umbra

Draft Priority: 1

Impact: 4

Stack Status: 1


Crab Umbra does exactly one thing: enables infinite combos.

Granted, that’s not entirely true; it also enables your opponents to make terrible choices like drafting it early and slapping it on a random monster as a sort of pseudo-vigilance thing. 197 more words


Afghanistan: A Case Against a Residual US Military Presence

November 21, 2014 / ISIS Study Group:

The US government and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) finally inked a bilateral security agreement (BSA) on 30 SEP 14 that will leave a residual US military force of 9,800 – 10,000 personnel in the country. 657 more words


Caviar Entertaining Tips & Pairings

Caviar has long been revered as a luxury food; each bite is bursting, literally, with delicious flavor. Each variety of caviar has a distinctive flavor and texture. 389 more words

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Seafoods 7: Cuttlefish roe (烏魚蛋)


List of Seafoods::Cuttlefish roe
Cuttlefish roe [1] is very tasty but also rather difficult to prepare. One needs to throughly boil it using river water to remove any sand and rid it of its stench.

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What Americans should know regarding the issue of abortion

Here are some things that every American should know regarding the issue of abortion:

  • Over 1 million unborn children are killed every year as a result of a legal abortion in the United States.
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ROE: Đơn giản nhưng cơ bản

Khi quyết định mua cổ phiếu, nhà đầu tư huyền thoại Warren Buffett không căn cứ vào mức chênh lệch giữa thị giá và giá trị thực của cổ phiếu mà là vào khả năng sinh lời của công ty dưới góc độ kinh doanh dài hạn. 1,866 more words

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