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ROE for Japanese

Friday before last, after a long, hard week of work, I was ecstatic to let down my hair and finally see what the fairly new Japanese Restaurant, Roe in Sovereign North had to offer. 353 more words


Buffett on ROE, Return on Equity, in Fortune 1977

Buffett: How inflation swindles the equity investor (Fortune Classics, 1977)

Editor’s Note: Every Sunday, Fortune publishes a favorite story from our archive. As controversy swirls around whether Fed Chair Ben Bernanke is downplaying inflation predictions, we turn back to May 1977 for timely advice from Warren Buffett. 134 more words


Lone Survivor - thoughts on it having seen the movie

It’s at the $1.50 theater, so if you want to see it, now’s a great time. (or it was when I wrote this).

It’s an interesting movie.  972 more words

Federal Government

Baked Potatoes with Smoked Salmon & Caviar

I’ve been slowly, plucking off items from my bucket list because that’s what you’re supposed to do 821 more words

Review: Eel Umbra

Draft Priority: 2

Impact: 2

Stack Status: 3
Utility hitter. It’s not overwhelmingly good, but I rarely see people disappointed to take it and it doesn’t get much love elsewhere. 184 more words



One of the joys of living where we do is access to the countryside. These images were all taken on an April evening after work. Roe deer fascinate me: they are woodland ghosts. 162 more words


Day 19: Publish A Post In A New-To-You-Format

So I’m super-bummed I won’t be able to bear witness to this awesome Brand New/Saves The Day/The Front Bottoms UK Tour coming up soon.

So today I’m posting a Brand New cover I did a few months ago. 16 more words