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Rogue Ales - Honey Kolsch

What’s that… two Rogue reviews in a row…. well why not make it three Rogue beers in a row… well here you go!!! third one in a row and this time it’s the Honey Kolsch which is an interesting beer and to be honest with Kolsch beers not being my favourite beer style but one i do enjoy when done well we can safely say this was going to be an interesting review and sampling of beer that is for sure. 335 more words

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Rogue Ales - Rogue Farms 7 hop IPA

From one Rogue beer to another … and over the last few moths since i first experienced this beer i have come to love it on a few occasions …. 480 more words

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Rogue Ales - Voodoo: Pretzel, Raspberry And Chocolate Ale

ooooh Rogue….. you know i love thee… and you so do make some amazingly fucking awesome beers…. and yes yes i know sometimes people just don’t get what you’re trying to do and i know it hurts when they say nasty things about you but i promise i will never break your heart like they do, because i am so in love with the entire voodoo range that i am blinded by that love and nothing could ever change the way i feel about you rogue voodoo range… unless that is that i never ever get to taste the bacon maple ale again… i guess i’m saying you best brew more ok!!! 408 more words

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Piggies In A Blanket

Just as we prepare our hops and honeybees for winter, this week it was time for our celebrity Potbellied Pigs, Voo and Doo. Voo and Doo are hardy creatures but even they need a warm place to sleep. 163 more words

Rogue Farms Independence

Winter Storm Postcards

We’re in the middle of our first big winter storm of the season at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, and the falling snow and low hanging clouds have created a beautiful scene of solitude and silence. 224 more words

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Do It Yourself: From Cornfield to Floor Malt

In our previous post we talked about the difficulties we had finding someone to harvest our Wigrich Corn. With time running out, we picked the entire five acres ourselves by hand.   286 more words

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When All Else Fails, Do It Yourself

One of the perils of being a farmer is that things often don’t go as planned.

Case in point, our five acre patch of Wigrich Corn.   299 more words

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