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Grand Rogue Encampment

American history comes alive in the Grand Rogue Encampment

By Sarah Harmon

EW Emma’s Writings

Anyone who says time travel is impossible has clearly never been to a living history event. 441 more words


Woman Dies in Five-car Chain-reaction Crash Along I-5

Date: September 8, 2014

Location: I-5 south of Rogue River

Name: Michele Lauritzen

Woman dies in five-car chain-reaction crash along I-5

49-year-old Michele Lauritzen of Rogue River died in a crash along a construction zone on Interstate 5. 449 more words

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Late August of 2009, I took a trip to a small cabin on the Rogue River. The sun was setting, casting pink and purple reflections on the slowly gurgling water. 12 more words


Boomers, how will you fill those empty hours between the office and the grave?

As someone who is staring down the barrel of retirement, I read everything I can on the subject. It will not surprise you to learn that some advice is better than others; some suggestions are nuggets, while others are more McNuggets – of questionable provenance and hard to swallow. 458 more words

And I Suppose You Think That's Funny?

Picture parade fifty-six

Some people just keep going.

In last week’s picture parade, I featured my mother swimming up at Secesh Reservoir near Wolf Creek.  There were many lovely comments and it made my mother’s day to read all your kind words.   239 more words


Lower water means more rocks and time to maneuver in an inner tube.

The Rogue River continues to drop, and more rocks are appearing, especially in bars.  There is one spot right above Dodge Bridge where any lower water might mean getting out on the left side of the right channel and walking.   129 more words