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u-bam-a Signs Symbolic Emissions Plan With China

From Reuters Headline.

Why bother?


China abide by a treaty?

Even a symbolic one?

Ever seen the darkness at noon in Beijing?

To understand how enormous this is, you just have to fly into Beijing. 209 more words


More u-bam-a Stupidity

Reuters Headline:  u-bam-a urges China to be a partner in ensuring world order.


u-bam-a using drugs?


Just more stupidity.


–  steals technology, intellectual property, and trade secrets for military and commercial gain… 85 more words


Turkey Has Problems

Turkey’s continued oppression of the kurdish people in Turkey caused it to deny almost all access to Kobani as the Islamic State was about to overrun and massacre its residents. 120 more words


China Slings Mud to Bully Japan

China said on Saturday it hopes Japan can create a favorable atmosphere for an expected meeting between the two countries’ leaders, a day after the two sides signaled willingness to put a bitter row over disputed islands on the back burner. 121 more words


Russia's Rogue Actions with Natural Gas

Last week’s gas agreement between Russia, Ukraine and the European Union made clear Russia’s energy dominance over Europe.

Moscow, of course, already uses gas as a weapon. 83 more words


DEFINITION -- rogue state

rogue state  –  nation with evil goals and intent against other countries

Some characteristics of rogue states:

–  authoritarian government

–  sponsor terrorism

–  seek weapons of mass destruction for aggressive actions and threats… 73 more words


Why don't Americans trust their Government? I

“Enemy of the State” (1998, dir. Tony Scott[1]). The NSA has been pressing for legislation that will allow it to slip the leash, but a Congressman is in the way. 599 more words

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